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Mar 9, 2013


Have you ever felt like this?  Whoa — at this stage of the packing game, I’m about to call for search and rescue!

Lost in maze

Well this is definitely how I feel tonight!  Whew!  Decisions — and it all has to be under 50 pounds!  For 5 weeks?  Are you kidding me?   I’m not there yet — I can still lift the suitcase!  ha ha ha

A good night’s sleep will probably help cure this terrible packing disease.

And I was being such a good girl and checked to make sure everything was okay and found two of my seats had been cancelled and I was not on the flight from Houston to Leon, and again was not on the flight from Chicago to Traverse City — at 11 p.m. no less!  I freaked – naturally – and then called them!  I will say it took me 20 minutes to move from the robot to a real customer service person.  But she got us all signed up with side-by-side seats just like I had done back in November.  Hmmmm.  I wonder who had cancelled them?!  I can actually sleep without fear tonight — I really do want to be on that flight!  All set!



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  • Thank YOU!!! Loved having you. The house and views are lovely!! I’m so happy for you and very jealous! I think you have found Paradise(so it isn’t really lost).
    Good to hear from you.
    Barb and Kay

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