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Apr 22, 2013

Where is Home?

Sometimes when you have lived in other places or traveled to them, and you have a wonderful time there, then when you get back to the United States to where “home” has been for awhile, the question rattles around in your head:  “Where is home?”

This is not to say you don’t love those you loved before you left.  It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate all the gazillion good things about being “home” in the USA.  It doesn’t mean you only saw the good when you were gone.

What it does mean is that there is so much beauty everywhere, and so many sweet people everywhere, that if you are a loving and fun person wherever you go, you will run into to them.  You will hang out with them.  You will miss them when you leave.  You will have trouble adjusting back to where you came from.  And the question will still be going around in your head:  “Where is home?”

Perhaps only those who have left the USA many times and seen many places either for extended vacations or for living elsewhere, will understand those statements.  If you feel you are more of a “world” citizen, then you already know that there are beautiful people, places and things EVERY where in the world.  Some locations you have to hunt more to find them than in others, but there is always something cool about every place I’ve been.  So San Miguel was right up at the top of the favorites list!

Of course that’s true about Suttons Bay as well.  And one of the precious things that I happen to enjoy GREATLY greeted me yesterday as we were going into town.  I rolled down the window and said my usual “You’re such a pretty girl!  I missed you sweetie!”  And she lifted her head and started walking towards me.  They are Scottish Highland cows and they are really friendly and (I think) beautiful!  I guess now I’m truly home here for awhile!  Even the cows recognize me.   hee hee hee


And baby was not too far away either — but refused to show it’s “better side” to me so I snapped this one anyway!


If you’re looking to visit the photo site because you missed something or were waiting till you had more time, you can access them at

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  • Yup, home can be anywhere if you make yourself comfortable.

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