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Nov 20, 2013

Where Have I Been All This Time?

Plans – Downsizing – Insanity – Back to the Present!

When we left for Mexico for our 5 week joyous trip, we were planning to explore the option of moving there one day — or at least for a few months out of the year when the weather is so terrible here in Michigan.

We put our Michigan home on the market just before we left and before we got back home to the States, we already had someone interested in looking at it.  When we got home, as couple who were soon to be married came and looked at it.  One thing led to another and after some negotiation, they ended up purchasing our home.

Now it’s not strange enough that it sold quickly, but to the first people to look at it??  I can assure you that even though we had talked about downsizing and getting ready to be able to go to Mexico for our winters, we never expected the first people who looked at it, to buy it!  Nor did we know that in a mere 3 months we would be having to move into a different house.

While We Were In Mexico. . .

We love to look at real estate, so while we were in Mexico, we kept surfing the listings in Leelanau County.  We came across what we considered to be the perfect little place for us.  So we wrote to the realtor – our friend Cory Beurhle – and asked her to set a date with us to look at it, which she did.

Omena Road Home

Omena Road Home

The house is about 1300 sq.ft. with 500 sq. ft. more with the attached 2-car garage.  It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and sits on an acre of land.

When we got home all excited to see it, we went with Cory and had a great visit only to find out about 15 minutes into the showing that it was already under contract and was just waiting for the funding to go thru.

We were puzzled because we were just soooo sure that we were supposed to be in this particular house.  We asked about making a back-up offer but no, we had to have our home under contract with buyers ready to sign before the owner of the Omena Road house would accept any new offers.

Long story short – literally within 2 – 3 weeks our house was under contract, the other guy couldn’t get his financing and the owners accepted our offer.  It all happened very fast.

In the next few blogs, I’m going to share how this change has affected our lives.  We’re very glad and blessed to be in our new home but the adjustments and the things we’ve had to go thru have been enormous!  Sometimes our heads are still spinning.  This has been a year of very huge happenings and this move has been no exception!

One time Esther Hicks shared in one of her presentations with Abraham, that things can happen fast if everything is in place — we just have to be ready to hit the ground running.  I’m not sure we were quite THAT ready!  ha ha ha

So enjoy these next few blogs.  I think we’ve come far enough along that I can actually see the blessings in the way things have fallen to us both in the ups and the downs of which there have been plenty!

Next blog I’ll begin to share about the studio for Kris.  This photo should give you an idea of where this was all headed!

You can see it's a very beautiful setting.

You can see it’s a very beautiful setting.

If you can’t wait to see all the photos, simply click this link and it will take you there.  Blessings All!




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