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Mar 18, 2013

What a City – What a Day!

There is no other way to put it except to say today was perfect.  Maybe all days are . . . but this one just seemed perfect-er! We went to church with our neighbors Joe and Mary Hamilton, and then they took us on a tour of San Miguel de Allende.  First they treated us to lunch at a place we never would have found on our own — you know the type — go two blocks, turn right, go one more block turn right at this door and it’s the restaurant!  ha ha ha  Lunch was superb – fresh and plentiful!

After lunch we think we walked a “hundred” miles on cobblestone streets and saw wonderful things.  Things that San Miguel is known for were in front of us — after six years of planning and setting the intention to go — there we were — standing there taking pictures, laughing, drinking lot of water, going in little shops and simply having a great time.  [Just so you know – walking on cobblestone streets for the first time after 22 years was an experience in focus, centering and balance!  big chuckle]

So the rest of today’s blog is going to be a photo tour – starting with the hotel where the church meets — looking out the window of the room, then on to lunch, and finally our first tour of the city with it’s colorful houses and shops, and it’s streets crowded with cars and people all making room for each other.  I hope your computer will open all the photos.  I only chose a few out of the 80 or so we took today.  Enjoy

UU 1

Hotel Where We Went to Church

UU 2View Out the Window of the Meeting Room

Lunch After Church

Lunch after Church 2

Lunch Was Great!  The Waiter Speaks English – VERRRRY Nice.

Mary & Joe Hamilton

   So Happy Together in San Miguel

Joe and Mary Hamilton – Gracious, Fun, Knowledgeable                             Kris and I at the Central Jardim (Garden)

The rest of these photos are random shots of stuff we basically know nothing about (!) but are simply the way this city is.  We enjoyed the sights and sounds and the fun.  It was St. Patricks Day AND it was the day of the Fiesta Cultural Cubana.  Mexico and Cuba have a long-standing good relationship.  Much of what we hear about Cuba in the USA is far from their reality.  In Mexico the relationship is celebrated.  There were parades, bands, floats, clogged up traffic and thousands of people.  It was quite fun actually, and totally unexpected.   Click Here for Photo Slideshow. . .

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