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Feb 21, 2016

Uruguay Never Disappoints!

It has certainly been a long time since I blogged!  I think it’s been at least a month.  My apologies. Life has been pretty busy these days.  We’ve received our driver’s licenses and have now opened a bank account.  Many things that would take little time at all in the states, take longer here because we are resident foreigners.

We managed to open a bank account at the Banco Republica Oriental del Uruguay or BROU (said bro). We had Ana Ines (see post a few weeks ago) help us.  She just happened to be on vacation in Punta del Este and offered to help us.  It saved us a lot of time and bus fare, and of course her price was less too because she was already in town.  Because of the resident and foreigner combination, it took 2 hours in two days to open the account instead of a half hour.

But it got done without a glitch.  I cannot say enough about how important it is to have someone help you who knows what they’re doing; who knows the documents you have to have; who speaks fluent Spanish and can actually have conversations with the Uruguayans we have to deal with, and who speaks English so well that she quickly lets us know what’s going on when the Spanish is over our heads.

We arrived October 14, 2015.  It is February 21.  In 4 months, specifically because of working with Ana Ines as our relocation expert, we have our temporary residency, we have our driver’s license, we have a bank account, we received our shipment from the states, and nothing had any difficulties.  With a little help from Joe, we purchased a car and car insurance.

Ana Ines told us the other day that even some of the people she helps have difficulties because their situations are irregular in some way or another.  She also mentioned that she has dealt with some expats who seem to have an attitude.  They are the hard ones.  They are also more likely to have some kind of problem — ya think?  That’s a real mystery, huh?

So while we’ve been doing all of that stuff — we’ve been house hunting for a permanent place to live.  Housing is extremely rare.  It is exactly — exactly like the situation in Northern Michigan in Leelanau County and Grand Traverse County.  Investors (or second homers) have scooped up properties right and left and prices have therefore risen so that reasonably priced, adequate housing is very hard to come by.

Here in Uruguay there are tons of places to rent, but the person has to leave during the summer — to where????  So keep us in your thoughts and prayers and all that we will find a fantastic deal where we will fit (art, music, massage, computer office, etc.) that is clean, reasonably priced and just exactly perfect in size for our needs, and the contract is for 12 months+.

Unfortunately, the average apartment for rent is only for the summer and/or 9 months, and is between 450 – 700 square feet and priced between $700 – $1400/month.  We definitely need it to be bigger than that and less money than that.  But we know we are here on purpose and as we hunt regularly, we are convinced we will find something adequate and secure for our needs.  Thanks for your good energy to those ends.

I have been hired to teach business courses for a private school here in Punta del Este.  It is a British style “college” serving the educational needs of those 18 months through 2 years beyond what we consider high school in the states.  Take a look at this! Pretty impressive — and it IS impressive.


St Clare's College 2 St Clare's College


I was hired because I have owned businesses and because I have taught at the college level.  They will provide all the materials necessary — hey I know I’m in for a whole lot of work.  I will be teaching all 4 levels of high school.  Never underestimate the value of your advanced degrees when working in a foreign country.

Speaking of degrees— Very soon I will complete my Master Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. (see the program here) I’m very excited because it means I’ll be better qualified to teach English here which is what I really want to do.  Actually I want to teach Business English and teaching a full year of a business course to 4 levels of high school will certainly give me the vocabulary and knowledge to do that very well!

I actually decided to take this job because my Ayurvedic massage practice at El Claro is moving along a bit slower than all of us had hoped.  Soon I will be giving a workshop (our Spanish teacher is helping me) on Ayurveda and the massage part – abhyanga, and invitations will be sent to anyone who has ever used any of the health services offered at El Claro.  But I need to work and all of this will come together.

Also, if you remember, I was working with my business partner in Mexico and we have a new project going that is way over the top exciting.  The filming studio and the promotional company are all lined up and you can see what’s happening on the website I built — it’s mostly up to date! (See it here) Now we’re going to be raising money to fund the filming and the YouTube promo video that will promote it.

Ain’t life grand?

Tchau for now!




  • Hello!

    I am going to Uruguay this winter and would very much appreciate it if you could connect me with Ana Ines since my spanish is not good enough yet and need assistance to open a bank account. i will ofcourse pay her for her help.

    Thank you!


    • Hello Jonny,
      You can contact her at There she has information about what she does — the services she offers. She is truly terrific!
      Have a great day.

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