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Jan 17, 2016

Uruguay Expat Relocation Expert


As most of you who read this blog know, we are now residents of Uruguay.  In four months we received our temporary residency.  It’s called temporary because they have to send the paperwork to other offices for review and for the final card to be issued.  This usually takes a year or two to happen due to the large number of people moving here — not just from the United States, but from Europe, Canada, Argentina and other places, and the fact that all documents are carefully reviewed.

Someone For You to Meet

As most of you also know, we have not had one single glitch as we have gone through the process.  I would like to introduce you to the person who made it all possible:  Ana Ines Perez of Expat Uy.  Expat Uy is her company through which she helps expats.

Ana-Ines Web Photo

From her website I cut and pasted this information on her background:

Ana Inés, who runs EXPAT UY, is married and mother of a child. She has a degree in Marketing and an International MBA, both from prestigious Universities in Montevideo (UDE) and Buenos Aires (UADE). Since childhood she has been closely related to expatriates and through her professional activity has shared many of her personal experiences with them.

In the past, Ana Inés worked for international and local prestigious companies in industries of mass consumption, advertising agencies, and education until she moved to Argentina, accompanying her husband in his new post there.

With her move to Argentina came first-hand experience of expatriate living.

In 2009, back in Uruguay, based on several years of successful personal experience giving advice to friends coming to Uruguay, she set up her own company (EXPAT UY) and is offering a professional relocation service to newcomers.

Why Is Ana Ines Significant?

We actually “met” her because people were singing her praises on a Uruguay forum we were reading at the time.  We decided to contact her because the results she gets are so good.

Why?  Because she doesn’t leave anything up in the air.  Having been an expat herself, she knows how confusing it can be to go through any process involving official business.  She knows exactly what documents you have to have and if you follow her instructions to the letter, you have no trouble.  She asked us way ahead of time to gather certain kinds of information and to have certain parts apostilled in the states.   You have to get original documents or copies of those documents from your state of residence long before you leave for Uruguay.  You must do your part for the whole thing to work.  

So if you can follow directions — she has ALL her act together.  She is organized, keeps appointments, thinks ahead and takes care of eventualities before they have a chance to develop, meets you at the airport or the bus station or wherever you need to meet.  She charges by the hour so there is no big upfront fee – and her price is affordable.  She is not an attorney because you don’t need an attorney for the relocation process.  She has a team of people who work with her that handle every aspect of the paperwork here.  Including our shipment came through with no hitch either.  We used her aduano (customs) despachante for that part and it went smooooothly.

Her English is excellent and her knowledge is superb.  But……

Beyond all this official information about her training, experience and degrees, one of the coolest things about this awesome woman is that she really, really enjoys what she’s doing and you can feel it.  Other than a couple more pieces of our puzzle being taken care of, our time for having to use her services is almost over.  We already miss her. We feel like she has become a friend.  She lives in Montevideo about 2 hours from our house.

If we had thousands of people visiting this blog, this would be great PR for her.  But whether thousands come or not, we wanted those of you who ARE reading to know that if you EVER want to come to Uruguay and establish residence for any reason, Ana Ines is your best choice.

All we can say is Thank You Ana Ines for making this adventure so wonderful and such a pleasure!


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  • Looks like you two are fine. I have been thinking about you. Glad to have found your blog.It is very entertaining.

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