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May 7, 2013

Trouble Has Arrived!

Oh baby are we ever in trouble!  The nice weather, the sun shining, cleaning out the raised beds, planting seeds and putting the yard in order and then company arrives.  This is the third time — first I caught him/her by the hot tub.  Then he/she ran as we pulled into the driveway in the car yesterday afternoon.   And tonight Kris saw it out the kitchen window chomping away by the garage. I stepped out on the deck and told it where to go.  It perked it’s little had up and looked at me like — “Eh?  What’s that you’re yelling about?”  then lowered its’ head and went back to eating.

Oh baby are we ever in trouble now!  Trouble has definitely arrived — and it’s verrrrry adorable.   It just feels sooooo at home here — probably read the menu and liked what it saw!  Time to put our heads together and figure out what to do.  Any suggestions?  Leave them in the comments — No!  We don’t like rabbit stew!


P.S. We’ll keep you posted about a new plan we have.  It’s a garden that grows enough food to feed four people for a long time, and uses only 8 square feet.  We’ll take pictures so you can follow along.  Our thought is, if and when we move some place it may not have a big yard so we want to know how to continue to have nice fresh food.  This is one way.  I bought the book and am having fun reading exactly how to do it.  Tomorrow one of the merchants will call back and let me know how much one of the main, basic, supplies will cost.  So far we’re at $10 for one estimate.  Can you imagine me trying to beat that?  ha ha ha  If I do, I’ll just buy more of them.  Suspense!

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  • Now be very nice about your suggestions!! 😉

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