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Apr 8, 2013

The Weather and A Little Dip in the Pool!

Today’s Suttons Bay, Michigan Forecast

* Rain Moves In This Afternoon

* Drizzle/Fog Tonight

* More Rain Tomorrow Afternoon

As you read the three lines just above this, you will understand why we are having so much fun just “being” in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!  Yesterday it was in the 80’s here.  The day before that it was in the 80’s and today it will be in the 80’s.  Today there is not a cloud in the sky; the sun is shining as only it can do; and the sky is so blue and gorgeous we would like this to never end!

When the weather’s this nice, it’s okay to have some days when you do “nothing” but enjoy.  That’s why we came here to check it out!  I know we aren’t exactly retirement age yet, but who says you have to be, to enjoy the kind of weather we only have for a month or two in the summer up North?  (And my tan is looking pretty nice too.)

As you can see from the photos below, the pool and hot tub are finished.  Just to make sure, I took my sandals off and stuck my foot in the hot tub.  After the one foot went in, it came back out right away!  No heat yet.  They figure the pool will be heated naturally by the sun and be really warm sometime in May.  The hot tub is cold too, but it is going to be heated by a solar panel.  It will be really awesome for those who live or visit here.

Yes, life is rough, as we sit here and drink our ice cold guava juice!  Really rough!  Maybe we should set up a tour for this coming winter!  Any takers interested?
P.S. If you think this photo looks crooked — that’s because the pool is level and the stone wall goes downhill to the left of the picture.  Does funny things in your head doesn’t it?

Me testing the new “hot” tub:

Taking a Dip - Literally

The Pool finished and filling — Still on the VERY cold side but at least it’s finished and beautiful!  (That’s the hot tube on the end.)

The Pool Finished and Filling

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  • Hey Rich Girl,

    I have never seen you look more relaxed, more happy,
    more content, more serene and more “in the right place”
    than you are right now.

    Happy for you BOTH.


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