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Dec 23, 2015

The Jitters!

Today I woke up with the jitters — you know — those things where you feel like you might have indigestion, a case of the nerves and all that stuff?

What was the occasion?

Just that today we had our appointment with the Immigration Office about our residency.  To add to the difficulty, a wild storm was predicted and chose to arrive while we were walking from our parking place to the office.  We got soaked. (There was serious flooding in town and on the way home we had to keep finding alternative routes!)

But back to my story.  You know what happened at Immigration?  It was a very happy event.  The young gal who did our papers had lived and worked on the Uruguay/Brazil border in the Immigration Office there, and had been dating a Brazilian guy for a long time.  She spoke Portuguese and we laughed and talked and visited in as much Spanish as we could come up with and then we conversed in Portuguese for the rest.

She asked questions like why did we choose to come to Uruguay?  Do we like it?  How long have we been here?  How did we learn about Uruguay and what were our sources?  It was actually fun!  Sometimes — maybe even often — fear of the unknown can give us the jitters and make us feel very nervous.  And then it turns out totally awesome!

But tonight we have our residency numbers and tomorrow we go to get the actual card.

More Big News!

Late last week — I think it was Tuesday — we had our first Spanish lesson.  The teacher came to the house and we had the lesson.  At that time, she found out I was a massage therapist and got all excited because in town she teaches yoga at a place call The Center “El Centro,” and they were looking for a good massage therapist.

She gave me the name and number of the woman in charge.  I called and she invited me to come to the open house on Monday — which was last night.  Kris and I went over and saw the location and setup and then I was invited to work there doing my Ayurvedic Massage treatments.  We are in the process of working out the details, but what a thrill to be able to do that in a place of such sweet energy and peace!

There is a homeopathic doctor, an osteopath, an applied kinesiologist,  an Ayurvedic minded massage therapist (me), and a yoga teacher.  They have movement programs for kids, etc.  A very cool place.


Our belongings have arrived in Montevideo.  So — we will have our green cards tomorrow or the next day, our stuff from the states is arriving, and I’ve been “hired” to work at this holistic healing center.

So much to be grateful for and to fill our hearts with joy.  One of our expat friends here is so excited about it that she is going to send an email out to all her acquaintances and let them know where to go for a massage!  She is going to have me “practice” on her!  ha ha ha  The fun has begun!

What wonderful Christmas presents!  🙂

Tchau Tchau

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  • What amazing and wonderful news!!! All of it! (So much for getting residency cards being a long and frustrating process. Helps to know the right people!)

    And a job AND your goods? Wow, Merry Christmas to you! 😀

    I’m so happy for the both of you! Good things come to the good! Much love….

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