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Apr 24, 2013

Sunrise, Sunset – Can You Tell Which is Which?

I warned you that I was going to post a series of sunrises and sunsets from San Miguel and today is the day!

I have to admit, I have so many photos I could never post them all for you — and you would never have the time to look at all of them either!  So, I’ll just go along posting a few here and there when the urge comes over me.  I thought we had taken as many photos of the sunrises as the sunsets, but, alas, we were not always up at sunrise!  (funny thing)

We would lay in bed and listen to the roosters crowing loudly.  They would crow in our yard.  Then one or two would answer from the property on the North side, then the South side.  It was almost like they were having antiphonal crowing practice.  Sometimes we would just lay there and make snide comments and laugh and laugh.  I mean they never stopped!  It would begin just as there was ever so slightly a bit of light over the Eastern sky and then on till full sunrise.  They also crow as the sun goes down.  It felt overwhelming at times.

Throw in a few “pack” dog fights 2 – 3 times or more a day, but especially early morning and early night just after dark when the coyotes would come galavanting across the field, and there was actually significant noise a lot of the time.  But I digress. . .

As you can see from the photos (which were NOT taken all on the same night even though they resemble each other) we had glorious sunsets.  The sunrises were cool because it would rise behind us, but before the sun actually came over our hill, the hills across the valley were taller so the sun hit them before it was actually “up” and visible.  Here is one photo – but the series is over on the blog photos page.   These have NOT been photo-shopped either.  The photos are not retouched in any way.  So this is what we really saw.  Totally awesome.


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  • OMG….absolutely stunning !!!

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