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Mar 20, 2013

Strawberries & Patience & the Link Between Them

Today we went to the street market.  I bought a pound of strawberries for 70 cents, 3 lbs. of white potatoes for 70 cents, 3 huge tomatoes for 74 cents, a pound of fresh and very beautiful green beans for $1, and a huge bag of mushrooms for $1.  So that was my shopping spree (and dinner was terrific).

But the strawberries were the most spectacular sight we’ve ever seen.  Now look very closely at that photo.  Think — how long must it have taken to put that display together.  Yes, it is absolutely solid with strawberries.  There is no box, no stand, no big bowl underneath them.  It is an entire pyramid of strawberries.  This has got to be the perfect picture of Mexico!  Slow, methodical, beautiful, purposeful, and time spent to make something more attractive and different.

The other photos are taken inside the street market.  We went with Joe and Mary.  It was, again, very fun!  Very noisy and tiring too, but very interesting.  I also bought a bar of Neem soap for $4.  Now that’s not far off from the cost at home.  But nice to find it nevertheless!  Now think long and hard about these strawberries and the metaphysical significance!  LOL

We Had Some Tonight and They Were Deeeelicious! (With fresh whipped cream of course!)

Strawberries Anyone

Very typical scene for a street market…..

Street Market

Hats Anyone?

Street Market Hats

If you haven’t been to the Spiritual Discovery Circle yet, here’s the link:

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  • Oh those look so delicious! And how artfully presented! My wicked, mischievous side thinks about what would happen if I pulled one out from the bottom row… 😀 But I wouldn’t do that and ruin the beauty!

    I would love to be there with you guys. I’ll have to plan ahead next time!

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