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Apr 1, 2013

Staying In A Mansion – Loving the City!

We had no idea when the room we wanted didn’t work out, that we would be staying in a half-million dollar mansion!  Wheeeee!  We have Internet very seldom and so I’m taking the opportunity to send these photos from an English Speaking Library location that has free Wi-Fi for those who come here.

We decided to stay in the actual city of San Miguel de Allende.  We came on Easter Sunday and visited churches and shops and had good food in Mexican restaurants and are having a very, very good time!  We like it much better than the farm we’ve been staying at in the country, believe it or not!  This is awesome.  I’m going to put some photos up here so you can get a taste of what we see looking out over the city from our rooftop terrace.  Also, so you can see a bit of the house and just know we are glad to share them with you even though we don’t have the time today to write all about them.

This is a taste of San Miguel!  We’ll attempt to keep you posted whenever we have a chance to use free Wi-Fi.  Good stuff is happening and we’re glad!


From the terrace on the roof as evening was falling — bells ringing – everything becoming magical and beautiful colors — WOW!

The street lights below are how they light the little narrow streets at night.



The main Catholic church in the center of town — El Jardin

Me – standing amazed on the rooftop — WHAT A VIEW!

Casa6 on the Roof Terrace

Our room in the “mansion” is great.

There isn’t room to post all the photos we’ve taken of the various and beautiful tiles… it’s never ending!

That’s all for today.  See more on the blog photo site.  Hasta Luego!

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  • Barb is jealous! Oh, how beautiful! So happy you are happy.

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