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Jan 1, 2016

Something for the New Year

Several years ago, I wrote a short article for my blog.  I found it today and it gave me something to think about for the new year.  I want to share it with you.  I know, I know — two blogs in one day — what’s the world coming to?  Enjoy

The Discipline of Choice

What occupies your mind is what controls you.  It is what you tend to draw to yourself.  This works in every area of life affecting your levels of health, exercise, business, relationships and spirituality.

It takes discipline to change this – it takes a choice.  It requires a constant, consistent, systematic removal of thoughts you don’t want to be thinking and replacing them with those you do.

This may sound like it takes effort.  It does.  But since no one thinks my thoughts for me, that means I have to put forth the effort for personal change!

There is only one way to accomplish the discipline of choosing to change your thought life.  You have to systematically plant new thoughts that grow up in place of the thoughts you have been thinking till now.  Instill new patterns.  Change the vicious cycles and momentum in the opposite direction.

First thing in the morning, have an ‘hour of power’ for yourself  – or perhaps only 30 minutes – perhaps just 15.  During this time, visualize the ideal day.  How will it be accomplished?

Most of us move from sleep, to the sound of an alarm – have you ever wondered why it’s called an “alarm” clock?  We jump from sleeping peacefully to being catapulted “alarmingly” into our day.

If discipline ourselves to choose to start the day differently at that moment, we have already made a tremendous difference in how that day will go.  Here are some simple steps to begin to develop a new pattern:

Step 1    Gently shut off the alarm, then lay quietly back on your pillow and take a couple cleansing breaths.

Step 2    Go to a quiet place in your house.  If you have pets, make every effort to go quietly so they don’t think it’s time to get up and begin their day – thereby effectively disrupting yours.

Step 3    In an upright, yet comfortable position, close your eyes and visualize the activities you hope to accomplish today.  See the most effective, peaceful way those things could come to pass.  Allow yourself to imagine             feelings of joy, accomplishment, and other positive emotions about how your day could go.

Step 4    Make a statement to yourself that sets your thoughts on the path of your day going differently. . . something like “Today I encounter each activity and person with joy and peace from the center of my being, knowing that I am one with Spirit and that the powerful energy of that Spirit is always present to empower my actions for my highest good today.”

Step 5    Move into the activities of your day conscious of new decisive, purposeful living.  Throughout the day continuously reset the tone of your day as needed.

If you cannot conceive of a different kind of life, rest assured, will never see one!  It takes the discipline of choice.  If you do not make conscious choices, you will find people and circumstances will continue to make those choices for you, leading to further frustration and discouragement.

If you are serious, it will take discipline to follow at least a few steps, being persistent with the vision you have of yourself, choosing alternate thoughts, avoiding the repetition of old patterns.  But it is up to you – you must choose to be in control of what you want and what you will choose to believe about the possibilities in your life.

As you go through your day, continually re-establish your footing.  Don’t become disgruntled.  If you forget, simply re-establish purpose of discipline of choice for that day and continue forward motion.  Come back to that center of knowing that you have all that is necessary to make appropriate life choices.  You have all that is necessary to think differently and to live the life you desire.  After a time you will be surprised to discover that choosing is less a “discipline” and more a lifestyle!

This is the way to think as we start this wonderful New Year we’ve all been given!

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