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Mar 14, 2013

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

We have finally arrived.  We got in right on schedule yesterday afternoon.  It’s been a gray day, not terribly unlike Suttons Bay, with a HUGE exception — it was 78 degrees.  Actually by the time we got to San Miguel from Leon, it was dark and so, it was a lot colder.  Even though it was a gray day, I decided to have Kris take a couple of photos of me so you could see where we’re staying.  We decided to move up to the 1 bedroom zen house.  The view is spectacular — looking off to the round mountains to the West.  It’s really beautiful.  And there are chickens — and the pool did not get finished yet — and I’ve been grocery shopping twice (I love grocery shopping) and so far, have acquired easily twice as much as I would have anywhere in Northern Michigan for the price.  The sweet “Honey Pineapple” was $1.25 for a huge one.  Mangoes are are about 79 cents a piece for the great big huge ones.  And we bought an enormous Papaya (one of my favorites) for $1.00 (about a foot long and 5 inches in diameter and really sweet.)  The price of gasoline is about the same as home so it’s expensive.  More soon.  We’re definitely glad we came.

In this first picture, you can see the swimming pool in the upper right hand corner.  It’s going to be finished in the next couple of weeks – so they say!

Linda at Zen House2

Linda at Zen House1


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