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Mar 25, 2013

Palm Sunday in San Miguel

Hi Guys!

Today has been a delightful day.  So I’m going to share a little bit with you.  First a history lesson so this all makes sense.  Before the United States took away part of Mexico and turned it into Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, the Native American Indians traveled all over the place.  What we, in the Northern Hemisphere, think of as “our” Indians, are really just a part of the indigenous peoples who lived, worked, hunted, and had a life with no Texas/Mexico border line running along where it does today.  So, guess what?  The parades here that have Native American Indians in them look very much like the same Native Americans that we know North of the border.  Funny thing!

On the way to lunch we saw a small, local Palm Sunday parade.  You’ll see it in the photos.

Again we went to church.  Again we had a fabulous lunch in yet another wonderful Mexican restaurant.  Kris and I each ordered a stuffed portabello mushroom with all sorts of good things and topped with a hefty layer of parmesan cheese, with rice and a very delightful sauce.  I ordered a citrus salad which is featured in this blog.  Well after taking a picture, we decided to share it.

We had had a bit of appetizers with very very hot sauce which Kris had warned me was way too hot for my liking.  So I didn’t have any, and it took  her a few minutes to get over the one bite she had.  She left part of the chip and all of the hot sauce off to one little side of her plate.

When my gorgeous salad arrived, and after the photo, we decided to share it.  Well, the waiter saw me attempting the feat to put half of the salad on her plate and asked if he could take it and do it for us.  So he did.  Then brought the plates back and we had our salad.

I asked Kris how she like it — it had grapefruit, oranges, apple slices, lettuce and almonds.   She was enjoying hers very much.  I said it had to be the hottest citrus salad I had ever tasted.  My eyes were watering, my nose was burning and my lips were about to flame off my face.  She said hers wasn’t hot at all.  I thought that was really strange.  Well. . . . you have probably guessed it by now.  When the waiter brought the plates back, he got them mixed up and she actually got my plate and I got hers – – – which had the chip and hot sauce that had been too hot for her to eat underneath my salad.  The four of us laughed and laughed.

I will guarantee you all that I have never in all my born days eaten ANY salad on earth that was as hot as that salad.  Of course I survived just fine about 1/2 hour later!  ha ha ha  We were with Joe and Mary and a good time was had by all.  I’d sort of like to go back and have that salad again without the hot sauce!

Another new thing today (to my knowledge) was my first visit to a building over 450 years old.  The two churches that are pictured on the photo website are very very old churches.  Think of it.  As I was standing there, I was looking at stuff that has existed since 1600.  It boggled my mind.  I’ve never been to Europe, so I haven’t had the opportunity to be in buildings that old.  But it was quite a thrill to read the history.  It’s all in Spanish so I didn’t include it here.  We took taxis up and down the hill to save our legs for the real fun of wandering around the shops and all.  What an awesome day!  It was in the 80’s and quite warm.  But when you step into the shade it’s suddenly cool.   Verrrry nice.

We’ve included some photos of us posing with our new hats.  When you’re in the sun — they are very nice to have.  And, I’m getting a tan!  Eat your hearts out!   – – – and enjoy the photos!  (oh yes, I still had to fix food and do laundry!)

Cooking Again Laundry Again

Church Again

This is the “pousada” (hotel) where we went to church and then. . . .

See the rest of the photos by CLICKING HERE

Then click on Palm Sunday in San Miguel when you get there.  Talk to you soon!


  • The hat is awesome!

  • Done!! thank you so much for taking me along thru these photos and blog. They are wonderful pictures and great comments, felt like I was there with you at times!!
    Wow amazing spot!!

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