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Apr 8, 2015

Life Keeps Flowing Along

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to re-start in the downsizing process. I think about how much we got rid of, sold or gave away when we moved from the Erdt Rd. house to our current house not even 2 years ago, and then realize that we have to do the same thing all over again! It’s daunting! For one thing, Uruguay is a modern country – people there supply their kitchens, they have furniture, clothing and cars. They eat at least three meals a day and are rather healthy and simply live like regular civilized people. So you have to weigh how much it would cost to ship your stuff there as opposed to saving the money and buying replacements for necessities in our new country.

As we look at all of our remaining “stuff” we ask – “is this something that will serve us well in Uruguay?” If not, then we’re not going to take it with us there. We realize now that we still have WAY too much stuff in our house to easily unburden ourselves from it.

That’s not totally unlike our lives – sometimes the “baggage” we carry from forever, keeps us from moving “unburdened” into new possibilities and opportunities. And the possibilities and opportunities this time are incredibly wonderful.

Sometimes people ask us how we can DO such a thing as be excited about moving to a foreign country. Many seem to want to do a similar kind of thing but just can’t get going. First you have to remember that our friends have a house there and so we know where we will be going right up front. Then you also have to remember that Kris lived in Brazil for 15 years and I lived there for 13. So being in a foreign country and enjoying it is not so far-fetched to us!

But living unburdened by “stuff” is really, really hard because we let ourselves believe that we couldn’t get along without it. I think that’s what we told ourselves when we just had to have it at the time of purchase! Ha! It feels like the flow gets a bit stopped up with the extraneous that we think we need, but then often sits stored away waiting for the time when it will get used.

So the sorting has begun. We took little notebooks and put one in each room of the house to write what we think we want to take with us. So far the only thing on any of the lists is maple syrup on the kitchen list! I’m sure there is a lot more to go. Then the list has to be translated into Spanish.

We’re thinking of purchasing large 55-gallon shipping drums and only taking things that will fit in them. But art doesn’t pack up in the “round” very well! Ha! Lots of decisions. But then the excitement over this new adventure we’re on takes over and we have renewed energy. We spend a lot of time in overwhelm and then have a nice long run high on expectation! Life keeps flowing along and we want to be able to keep up.


Happy beginning of Spring!

Mar 25, 2015

Uruguay Blog Beginnings

It’s here!  I’m finally going to begin blogging again!  I forewarned many of you — and now you are in for a wonderful ride — some exciting and some thoughtful — some (very little) discouraging and some uplifting!
I want you to know that as I blog along, I’m going to include photos again just as I did when we took our trip to San Miguel de Allende.  Some of the photos I post will be on this page inside the post and some will be found only at
I hope you will enjoy the journey which is beginning anew today – Tuesday night – March 24, 2015 and will continue on.  If you want to know more about Uruguay which is the next journey we plan to take, I invite you to enjoy a couple of great videos about the very area where we are going.  One is on YouTube and the other is from a website devoted to a particular place in Uruguay called Punta del Este — a lovely spot to say the least!
I’m also going to post photos of the place where we are going to stay so you have a good idea — it’s beautiful and has some parts that look very much like Leelanau County and our rolling hills.  This is going to be fun.

Here is a great link!  Title is Simplemente Uruguay.  This will definitely give you a taste of Uruguay.  No, we haven’t been there yet.  No, we haven’t even gotten packed — we haven’t sold our home or purchased our tickets.  But this is to explain the journey and many different aspects of it.

Here is where I decided to begin because it’s where we are.   Next blog is going to be “What Were We Thinking?”  Which should give you a window into why we are taking this trip in the first place.  Until then – live well and enjoy life today will you!

Check out some photos now if you like…… Here

Mar 20, 2014
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Jan 25, 2014

Moving Right Along

Due to life happening at a pace where I find it hard to keep up, I seem to have been neglecting this dear old blog!

After the house was purchased and as we were moving into it, we also decided to add a garden studio for Kris to teach piano and for an art studio.  It was an exciting and highly convoluted time.  At the same time as we were excited about being in our new place and having the new studio, we also experienced some of the most difficult events in the doing of it all.

But I digress.  Let’s see a few photos of the installation of the studio.  You see, we ordered the “shell” of the building from the Amish community about 45 miles from here.  They built what you see in these next few photos:

Close up of PadThis is the pad that on which it sits.

Arrival 2

This is the big delivery day!

Beginning the DeliveryBeginning the Delivery After Getting It Off the Truck (That’s a machine called a mule at this end)

The Runup to TroubleI call this the run-up to trouble because when we made it, we didn’t realize that the delivery truck would not be able to just back up to the ramp and deposit the shed.  So….. instead we had to use the little Kubota tractor and the mule only!  And two very intelligent and creative men who knew how to get the most out of them went to work on the problem.

The building went up with great difficulty, then had to be moved again because it wasn’t exactly on the pad.  Then it just wouldn’t go clear up.

OOPS!I promise you it was a nail-biting experience.  It took some ingenuity to put it in place.

Try Again Make Sure It's Lined Up RightThey tried again — straightened it out and then — voila!

That's BetterPush – Pull – Helping Each Other

DeliveryEric pushed with the tractor while the delivery guy pulled with the mule.  It was exciting.  Included was a flat tire that happened under the building but couldn’t be changed for obvious reasons.  Finally, however, it was perfectly in place.

PerfectRThis is what it looked like towards the end of summer and this is what it looks like now:

IMG_2001RTonight we are expecting another 6 – 12 inches plus, with drifts from 3 feet and up.  We’re tucking in for the duration!  Glad to have all these things in place by now.

Nov 20, 2013

Where Have I Been All This Time?

Plans – Downsizing – Insanity – Back to the Present!

When we left for Mexico for our 5 week joyous trip, we were planning to explore the option of moving there one day — or at least for a few months out of the year when the weather is so terrible here in Michigan.

We put our Michigan home on the market just before we left and before we got back home to the States, we already had someone interested in looking at it.  When we got home, as couple who were soon to be married came and looked at it.  One thing led to another and after some negotiation, they ended up purchasing our home.

Now it’s not strange enough that it sold quickly, but to the first people to look at it??  I can assure you that even though we had talked about downsizing and getting ready to be able to go to Mexico for our winters, we never expected the first people who looked at it, to buy it!  Nor did we know that in a mere 3 months we would be having to move into a different house.

While We Were In Mexico. . .

We love to look at real estate, so while we were in Mexico, we kept surfing the listings in Leelanau County.  We came across what we considered to be the perfect little place for us.  So we wrote to the realtor – our friend Cory Beurhle – and asked her to set a date with us to look at it, which she did.

Omena Road Home

Omena Road Home

The house is about 1300 sq.ft. with 500 sq. ft. more with the attached 2-car garage.  It has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and sits on an acre of land.

When we got home all excited to see it, we went with Cory and had a great visit only to find out about 15 minutes into the showing that it was already under contract and was just waiting for the funding to go thru.

We were puzzled because we were just soooo sure that we were supposed to be in this particular house.  We asked about making a back-up offer but no, we had to have our home under contract with buyers ready to sign before the owner of the Omena Road house would accept any new offers.

Long story short – literally within 2 – 3 weeks our house was under contract, the other guy couldn’t get his financing and the owners accepted our offer.  It all happened very fast.

In the next few blogs, I’m going to share how this change has affected our lives.  We’re very glad and blessed to be in our new home but the adjustments and the things we’ve had to go thru have been enormous!  Sometimes our heads are still spinning.  This has been a year of very huge happenings and this move has been no exception!

One time Esther Hicks shared in one of her presentations with Abraham, that things can happen fast if everything is in place — we just have to be ready to hit the ground running.  I’m not sure we were quite THAT ready!  ha ha ha

So enjoy these next few blogs.  I think we’ve come far enough along that I can actually see the blessings in the way things have fallen to us both in the ups and the downs of which there have been plenty!

Next blog I’ll begin to share about the studio for Kris.  This photo should give you an idea of where this was all headed!

You can see it's a very beautiful setting.

You can see it’s a very beautiful setting.

If you can’t wait to see all the photos, simply click this link and it will take you there.  Blessings All!




Jun 25, 2013

Something to Wow You From Ireland — France??

Hang On – Here We Go!  You’re Going to Love This!

Some of these guys are from Ireland and some are from France!  I don’t care where they’re from — what they are is really, really fantastic! 


Jun 22, 2013

Another Natural Cancer Treatment Protocol

Whether you are in the United States or Another Country – This is

Something You Should Read   (I love this research!)


Smart Doctors Understand Fundamental Medicine


Smart doctors like Dr. Jerry Tennant say, “We do not treat cancer. We do support patients with cancer to help get their nutrition, minerals, acid-base balance, etc. in as good a condition as possible.” Oncologists certainly don’t cure cancer since it’s illegal to even speak about curing cancer and since most of their patients die no matter what the doctors say or do. What they are doing is using toxic substances and radiation for diagnosis and treatments, substances and procedures that cause cancer. Chemo and radiation kill both cancer and human cells and both increase instead of decreasing the chances of further reoccurrence of cancer.

A safer way to do the same is with light and heat via far infrared rays whose intense internally generated heat will kill cancer cells before too much heat kills the host. Human cells are much more resistant to heat extremes than cancer cells.

Misguided doctors on noting that a particular medication is killing a patient, combat the side effect by ordering increasing dosages of the same medicine. Sounds crazy but modern oncology Continue reading »

Jun 13, 2013

My Continued Fight for Truth

All you who still have curiosity about the other ways to look at cancer, the following video is about 17 minutes long.  Besides being an interesting person to listen to ( I love her accent), researcher Mina Bissell shares some important information for all of us who are growing ever more disillusioned with modern medicine and specifically the cancer issue.

Jun 4, 2013

Preventive Mastectomy Is Not Good Medicine

I received this article from a highly respected natural health physician.  I am posting it verbatim from the letter he sent out today.   Please take the time to read the entire piece and educate yourself on other possibilities.  Posted by permission.

Since this is primarily a personal travel blog, you might wonder why I’m posting such a radical letter on my blog.  First I’ve known Dr. Sircus for over 5 years and followed his research and suggestions.  He is awesome.  Secondly, we just got back from Mexico where medical services are readily available at a fraction of the cost — but there still IS a cost.

So often people are traveling to many other countries to have surgeries to correct serious problems, or receiving treatments for serious cancers, etc. simply because the costs in the United States are prohibitive.  Many people here in the States have told me how fantastic our medical care is here and that we have the best healthcare in the world.  Well, we don’t.  We are exactly #33 this year for quality and cost of care compared to many other nations.

What concerns me most and why I posted this letter from Dr. Sircus, is that people are believing what the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies are telling them, when, in fact, there are already cures for most cancers, and there are preventative measures for nearly all of them too.  You don’t have to believe me, but I have to share what I know.  If you get a chance to watch the movie “Doctored to Death” you will come to see that the only options that the majority of physicians will ever offer, still do not include natural ways of prevention and cure.  They only offer medicine and surgery — vary the types, but it’s still medicine and/or surgery.

That’s why I posted this today.

A Reader’s Question

I´m 40 years old and a carrier of the BrCa1 gene. I had a preventive mastectomy in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden. The doctors that treated me there say I definitely should remove my ovaries at my age. I live in Mexico since 10 years and the doctors I have seen here think that it´s too radical, what do you think? Maybe since Angelina Jolie just talked about her operation it would be interesting for all the people that follow you to hear what you think about it? My lifestyle and food habits are very alternative these days, I don´t regret my breast operation, but maybe if I´d known all I know today I wouldn´t have had it!

My mom died at 40 and her sister at 30 from breast cancer, they both left 3 young children behind, I have two children and the last thing I want to do is leave them without a mother, I´m willing to sacrifice my ovaries for that but I´d rather not! I hope for your answer!

Maj Lindström

My Response to This Reader

Maj please forget this idea of removing your ovaries. Medically speaking it’s ridiculous as is preventive mastectomy. Why can I be so strong in saying this? Let’s just start with 200 mcg of selenium. Science says that little bit alone will cut your chance of dying from cancer by 50 percent. If you want to practice preventative medicine then you have to do a list of the right things and forget the doctors who are always going to be telling you to do such drastic and invasive procedures.

Read my essay Divine Cancer Mathematics. It will give you a lineup of preventive medicinals and you will again see numbers. What are the numbers they give you for their undesirable, unnecessary surgeries? Using magnesium, bicarbonate and iodine will do much more for you than butchering yourself will. Get yourself a BioMat and prevent cancer from ever forming or taking hold of you. Radiate yourself in light every night while you sleep, ever strengthening your immune system. Read my essay about how they can be used to treat cancer as well as prevent it.

Please learn and take part in breathing retraining, which is one thing a high risk potential cancer patient does not want to overlook. I wonder if the doctors told these women that the BRCA test detects positive mutations in only 25% or fewer of women with a strong family history and will not provide any useful information for the other 75% or more of women with strong family histories?

Testing is not 100% accurate. A positive test result can only estimate your risk of getting cancer, but it cannot predict with certainty whether or not you will get cancer. Test results can’t determine your exact level of risk, at what age you might develop cancer, how quickly the disease might progress, or how likely you are to die of the disease.

Actress Angelina Jolie announced in a New York Times op-ed article that she underwent a preventive double mastectomy after learning that she carries a mutation of the BRCA1 gene, which sharply increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

“My doctors estimated that I had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer and a 50 percent risk of ovarian cancer, although the risk is different in the case of each woman,” Jolie wrote. “Once I knew that this was my reality, I decided to be proactive and to minimize the risk as much I could. I made a decision to have a preventive double mastectomy.”

Obviously these doctors were guessing and not taking into account anything that Jolie could have done instead of letting the doctors mutilate her breasts.

Dear Angelina and Brad

Angelina Jolie wrote, “For any woman reading this, I hope it helps you to know you have options. I want to encourage every woman, especially if you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancer, to seek out the information and medical experts who can help you through this aspect of your life, and to make your own informed choices.”

Doctors are now convinced that this is definitely the right thing to do. Sorry to say to you Angelina Jolie and to you Brad Pitt that you were misinformed and you are misinforming everyone around you. Your idea of medical experts helping as if they knew the truth about cancer or anything else is just too much of a stretch of blind faith for us to trust.

Informed choices are not something these people offer and that is obvious in your case. And you forgot to mention Angelina, the added dangers of infection, disruption in lymph flow, and dangers of reconstructive implants not to mention the heavy psychological impact on a woman to give up her breasts, the life-giving essence of her being.

Women who receive positive test results for the BrCa1 gene feel anxious, angry and often depressed. They “may choose to have medical treatment, such as surgery, to try to prevent the cancer, and the treatment could have serious, long-term implications and uncertain effectiveness,” writes the Connecticut Department of Health. According to them “not all women with a potentially harmful BRCA mutation get breast or ovarian cancer. If you have a BRCA mutation, your chance of getting breast cancer is about 35 to 84%, and your chance of getting ovarian cancer is 10 to 50%.” Even despite these estimates of risk, the real numbers are still unknown and speculation alone is not adequate justification for such a body and psyche-altering act as is recommended by surgeons today.

Dr. Mark Sircus Photo

Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P)

Director International Medical Veritas Association
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine

May 21, 2013

Effects of Recent News

Here I am, at it again!  I know I’ve been away from this blog for a few days — actually way too many for my liking.  This entry is for thought.  I’m writing this while attempting to process the devastation in Oklahoma and other locations down south.  It’s tough.  But then, it seems that it’s hard to turn on the TV or the radio, or read the paper and NOT see something that’s hard to process!

I was looking for something entirely not on this subject today and came across a talk I gave at Unity of Traverse City in May, 2010.  In it I gave a rundown on recent news to begin the talk.  The headlines those days were about the mine explosion, the Supreme Court Decision on Political Contributions, the oil rig explosion and oil spilling into the Gulf, and the little girl that was smothered in Ludington, Michigan.

You have to admit, it’s been one long stream of reports just like that for years now.  It can wear a person right down to nothing.  So how do we take these times and turn them into something meaningful, something more positive?  Can we actually experience personal growth?

Man Scratching Head

I’m going to refer again to the talk I gave that day because I need to write these things out for my own sanity as well as hoping it will help yours!  Kris made the statement that optimism isn’t a feeling — it’s an attitude — a choice we make.  Where do we allow our minds to sit down and take up residence?  On every tasty little morsel of trauma going on in the world?  On every rape and murder and abuse perpetrated by one or more humans on another?  What feeds us?

I have grown garlic for years.  You plant it in the winter and it comes up beautifully in the spring.  Only this past fall I didn’t plant any garlic.  After I harvested it what I’d grown, I simply did not plant another crop.  But I must have missed a few in the harvesting, because I was out looking at the garden and there are a bunch of garlic plants growing all by themselves.  They sit there all winter ALONE for months, and then, something in them triggers them to wake up and grow.

They have no choice — it’s how they work.  Unlike the garlic, we have a choice.  We can look at  the daily news reports as a trigger to wake up and grow.  We can use our God-given ability to discern – discernment meaning the ability to know and choose that which is best for us.  It’s made even harder because we are generally a lazy species!  We don’t like to practice anything for very long, especially if it’s hard.  But the consequences these days of not taking control of your mind and of not choosing a better line of thought for yourself can be more than a little devastating.  It has become essential, not optional, to take control of our minds.

It has been said (don’t you love that), that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  For me, I find it takes a bit longer — like maybe 60 days!  But nevertheless, it IS possible to practice choosing what we allow our minds to focus on until it becomes a habit to turn off the trauma, to take action to resolve the things in our part of the world we are able to help resolve, and to live a more peaceful life.

There is a cool scripture in the Bible that says:  “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things!”

The choice is ours every day, every hour, in every circumstance.Direction


May 8, 2013

Trouble Visits Again

Remember this from yesterday????

Rabbit in grass

Tonight I caught him/her eating the tops off my newly growing garlic!  I may not know his name, but NOW we’ll be able to tell by the odor on his breath!   You just cannot hide garlic breath.   Bad, bad rabbit.  Oh boy!

May 7, 2013

Trouble Has Arrived!

Oh baby are we ever in trouble!  The nice weather, the sun shining, cleaning out the raised beds, planting seeds and putting the yard in order and then company arrives.  This is the third time — first I caught him/her by the hot tub.  Then he/she ran as we pulled into the driveway in the car yesterday afternoon.   And tonight Kris saw it out the kitchen window chomping away by the garage. I stepped out on the deck and told it where to go.  It perked it’s little had up and looked at me like — “Eh?  What’s that you’re yelling about?”  then lowered its’ head and went back to eating.

Oh baby are we ever in trouble now!  Trouble has definitely arrived — and it’s verrrrry adorable.   It just feels sooooo at home here — probably read the menu and liked what it saw!  Time to put our heads together and figure out what to do.  Any suggestions?  Leave them in the comments — No!  We don’t like rabbit stew!


P.S. We’ll keep you posted about a new plan we have.  It’s a garden that grows enough food to feed four people for a long time, and uses only 8 square feet.  We’ll take pictures so you can follow along.  Our thought is, if and when we move some place it may not have a big yard so we want to know how to continue to have nice fresh food.  This is one way.  I bought the book and am having fun reading exactly how to do it.  Tomorrow one of the merchants will call back and let me know how much one of the main, basic, supplies will cost.  So far we’re at $10 for one estimate.  Can you imagine me trying to beat that?  ha ha ha  If I do, I’ll just buy more of them.  Suspense!

Apr 30, 2013

After a VERY Long Winter!

It is amazing that after a long hard winter the sun has the courage to show its face!

It’s even more amazing that it takes only a few hours of rain and we go from this —

farm field

                    to this —  Tree behind a farm

Okay, so maybe it takes longer than a few hours.  But when we came home yesterday in the early evening, and saw what that little bit of rain that had fallen that afternoon had done — it made us realize how little refreshing rain it takes to begin to change things.  It’s true for the soul — just a little refreshing can begin to change things.  Let the joy of spring finally arriving, “rain” into your soul to help recover from such a long dark winter!

Apr 24, 2013

Sunrise, Sunset – Can You Tell Which is Which?

I warned you that I was going to post a series of sunrises and sunsets from San Miguel and today is the day!

I have to admit, I have so many photos I could never post them all for you — and you would never have the time to look at all of them either!  So, I’ll just go along posting a few here and there when the urge comes over me.  I thought we had taken as many photos of the sunrises as the sunsets, but, alas, we were not always up at sunrise!  (funny thing)

We would lay in bed and listen to the roosters crowing loudly.  They would crow in our yard.  Then one or two would answer from the property on the North side, then the South side.  It was almost like they were having antiphonal crowing practice.  Sometimes we would just lay there and make snide comments and laugh and laugh.  I mean they never stopped!  It would begin just as there was ever so slightly a bit of light over the Eastern sky and then on till full sunrise.  They also crow as the sun goes down.  It felt overwhelming at times.

Throw in a few “pack” dog fights 2 – 3 times or more a day, but especially early morning and early night just after dark when the coyotes would come galavanting across the field, and there was actually significant noise a lot of the time.  But I digress. . .

As you can see from the photos (which were NOT taken all on the same night even though they resemble each other) we had glorious sunsets.  The sunrises were cool because it would rise behind us, but before the sun actually came over our hill, the hills across the valley were taller so the sun hit them before it was actually “up” and visible.  Here is one photo – but the series is over on the blog photos page.   These have NOT been photo-shopped either.  The photos are not retouched in any way.  So this is what we really saw.  Totally awesome.


Apr 22, 2013

Where is Home?

Sometimes when you have lived in other places or traveled to them, and you have a wonderful time there, then when you get back to the United States to where “home” has been for awhile, the question rattles around in your head:  “Where is home?”

This is not to say you don’t love those you loved before you left.  It doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate all the gazillion good things about being “home” in the USA.  It doesn’t mean you only saw the good when you were gone.

What it does mean is that there is so much beauty everywhere, and so many sweet people everywhere, that if you are a loving and fun person wherever you go, you will run into to them.  You will hang out with them.  You will miss them when you leave.  You will have trouble adjusting back to where you came from.  And the question will still be going around in your head:  “Where is home?”

Perhaps only those who have left the USA many times and seen many places either for extended vacations or for living elsewhere, will understand those statements.  If you feel you are more of a “world” citizen, then you already know that there are beautiful people, places and things EVERY where in the world.  Some locations you have to hunt more to find them than in others, but there is always something cool about every place I’ve been.  So San Miguel was right up at the top of the favorites list!

Of course that’s true about Suttons Bay as well.  And one of the precious things that I happen to enjoy GREATLY greeted me yesterday as we were going into town.  I rolled down the window and said my usual “You’re such a pretty girl!  I missed you sweetie!”  And she lifted her head and started walking towards me.  They are Scottish Highland cows and they are really friendly and (I think) beautiful!  I guess now I’m truly home here for awhile!  Even the cows recognize me.   hee hee hee


And baby was not too far away either — but refused to show it’s “better side” to me so I snapped this one anyway!


If you’re looking to visit the photo site because you missed something or were waiting till you had more time, you can access them at


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