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Nov 26, 2015

P.S. Questions & Answers

I’ve received a bunch of questions and so I’m going to try to remember to answer a couple at the end of each blog — or if the question is involved enough it might just be the whole blog for that day.  Also thanks to my sister, I’ve got a ton of questions to answer so I have enough subjects to blog for the next 6 months! Thanks sis!  ha ha ha

Confused man

So here is the first question and answer.

Question:  Have we been able to find any holistic health practitioners, chiropractors or other therapeutic massage therapists?

Answer:  Yes we have!  In Punta del Este, near where we live (distance is like from Northport to Traverse City) there are many wonderful choices.  There is a chiropractor who does a lot of activator work which we like.  There is a practitioner who does kinesiology and cold laser treatments.  About 12 miles from where we live there is a practitioner who does a special kind of work he developed himself.  I went to him for my knee and it has helped in the healing process.  You can read about his work on  Helmuth and his wife Pam are becoming friends and are great people.  Helmuth has helped a lot of people with his treatments.

Also, there is a massage school or maybe even 2 in Punta del Este plus there are many, many yoga studios.  You would be surprised how much like home this place is in those things.  Yes it’s different in many ways too, but there are many yoga studios and lots of exercise places.  And the fun thing is that many of the exercise places are all along the roads.

I’ll see about taking a photo to include in the blog.  Then you can see.  In Punta they are everywhere, and in some of the nearby towns there are some as well.  It would be a superb thing to have along the Grandveiw Parkway and in every park.  You’ll see.  And people use them — you see the equipment in use.  Very cool idea.

Hasta maῆana!


  • Any Zendos in the area?

    Enjoying your blog.

    • We’ve been so busy working on the apartment where we are living that we have not gotten out and about much yet. I know it seems like we’ve been here a long time, but everything runs on a different kind of time frame! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoy the blog.

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