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Jan 13, 2016

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, before we ever arrived, someone or, I should say, two someones had already taken up residence here:

Lizard #1

Monitor Lizard #1 Close Web

And Lizard #2 (minus half of his tail??)

Monitor Lizard #2 No Tail

As it happens, we like lizards.  Also, as it happens, someone told us they LOVE eggs.  I’ve been attempting to get a photo of these two for a long time now.  And I just spent the last hour tempting and waiting, with camera in hand.  For a while I sat in a lawn chair and waited.  That didn’t work.  So I decided to attempt taking the photos through the kitchen window screen.  I discovered that if I leaned the camera right up close to the screen and put a little bit of zoom on, the pix came out clear enough to recognize the guilty parties!

The Tempation:

I laid my plans carefully and earlier this morning we found two eggs that were dirty on the outside that we just got in our purchase of farm eggs.  Yes — I could have washed them and used them, but heck, lizards don’t care if they are dirty or clean right?

Lizard Delicacy One For Each Web

These are actually on a little bit of a hill running my direction so that I didn’t have to do anything more than just stick the camera around the corner of the house to take the photo — but alas, I was never fast enough and they would see me and dive back into their home — which is an abandoned drain pipe about 3-4 inches in diameter.  I don’t see how the fat one gets in there, but believe me they do. I missed getting the photo of them together because they were so darn fast — right in the hole.

Okay — so back to the temptation.  I waited and, actually, as ridiculous at it may seem, I think I’ve waited about an hour checking to see when a head would pop out of the drain pipe and I could get my most valuable photos.  It happened.  I had stepped away to do something in the kitchen and when I looked out the window, there was Lizard #1 laying in the sun pointed directly at the delicious, delectable raw egg. . . . sitting there in plain view just waiting.

Lizard #1 Up Close and Personal

Then in the time it would take me to get the camera up there to the window, she had it in her mouth and had turned — whoa — don’t EVER try to outrun a lizard because it simply ain’t gonna happen!  And there she goes…..

Monitor Lizard #1 With Prize Closeup Web

Just to be fair, you need to know she didn’t try to take both of them!


Monitor Lizard #1 With the Prize Web Not Piggy

Now, I just knew that Lizard #2 was going to come running right behind, but he just stayed there sunning himself and becoming very wary.  I suppose losing your tail would make you be that way!  In this pic he’s turning because he heard me at the kitchen window.

Monitor Lizard #2 Very Wary

After I’d given him plenty of time (too much time as it turned out), I went back to the kitchen window to see if I could get a good photo of him approaching the egg and taking it away as she had done.  Well blow me down — it was already gone!  Sneaky and fast …….

and very cute.

So there you have it!  You might want to look around next time when you move into a new place and see who else thinks it’s home — you might just be pleasantly surprised!

Tchau for now.


I suppose I don’t need to share the stories of the other residents — we kill them pretty fast. (smile)

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