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Mar 15, 2013

Oh Boy!

One of the joys of visiting a country where they have the kind of food you love at a price you can afford, is that you get to have them basically whenever you want.  Last night I paid for that pleasure!  Oh boy was it ever a short night.  Today I’m a bit shaky, but with lots of electrolytes and good fresh water, I’m holding my own!

Another “Oh Boy!” is the pool.  Now I will say that it hasn’t been warm enough to actually want to go swimming yet.  Our high here has been just 70 degrees once, and 40’s at night – no central heat.  We are wearing triple layers inside the house, and even had the oven on today for a bit to take the chill off.  Today it might have gotten to 60 degrees.  Still gray.  Hmmmm did we bring this with us?  Ha ha ha.

So here are a couple of photos of the swimming pool progress with the hot tub at the end.  Now my intention is that it’s going to warm up, they’re going to finish the pool and hot tub, and the sun will heat the water, and we’ll be able to swim in it before we come home.  You are invited to hold that intention with me!

Just so you know and aren’t totally shocked, we are going to look at some other properties while we are here.  We have found some very nice things and think it would be nice to look at options.   This Sunday we’re going to visit the Unitarian congregation in San Miguel.  We’re riding with the neighbors.  (I probably told you that already.)  We’re looking forward to exploring a bit next week . . . if I can control myself with the tropical fruits and gluten bread.  For those of you who have been in Latin countries, you know their freshly baked daily bread is irresistable.  I think I will find it easier to resist at this time however!  Tee Hee!

Here are the photos:  1 – the future hot tub

Future Hot Tub

2 – the swimming pool – they finished painting the white walls inside today and then washed them

down.  That’s why you can see a bit of water in the bottom.

Pool Progress2

3 – Here is the full view of how it sits.  It will sure be a beautiful site when it’s done!

Pool Progress1

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