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Mar 6, 2016

New House and Updates

We found a place to live!  Take a peek:

La Oracion Home

The structure just to the left of our house behind those two skinny trees is someone else’s home.  Our entrance and driveway is behind our house and the road curves to the left in front of their house.

The views surrounding the house are wonderful too:

There is a swimming pool with a soaking pool and a kids wading pool.

There are horses and pasture lands all around….and a totem pole.

and there are other houses on the property as well.  There is a full-time gardener who takes care of the property.  We share some expenses with the house right beside ours.  It is very lovely.  It is very peaceful.  It is not far from my teaching job — 15 minutes and not far from my massage job — 15 minutes.

Want to see a little bit inside?  Of course they are just finishing up the remodel so it will look even nicer and have our stuff in it and all in a week or so.  We’re just so excited we decided to share where it’s “at” right now and then we will update next week or so.

Above is looking from the kitchen end towards the living room door.

Big Kitchen Window R

The above  window is a big one that looks east over the property.

If you didn’t have a light glaring you could see the tightly thatched roof.  Water runs off of it because they use a reed that has special properties that bind together and form a tight seal so there is no leaking.

This view is looking from the front door entrance to the kitchen.  The landlord has certainly done a great job of combining the old rustic feel (the open beams and thatch or quincho – pronounced keencho) with the more modern – i.e. the walls partway up and the use of the bricks.  He is a collector of Persian rugs and thus we get to have all of them we want in the house.  Everything is painted white with very dark brown accents in the wood shelves.

And last, but not least, we have our own resident dog!  Actually, the property has many dogs  that belong to the property.  But the one that sleeps here:  (see the little bowl sitting on top of a shelf and there is a hole under the shelf?  That is her bed.)

She is a very loving and slobbery dog (Deb you will appreciate this), and she has taken to us and loves us already.  We both love her too.  It’s sort of nice to have our own private watchdog and someone else feeds and waters her!  ha ha ha  She is still a puppy.  Very precious!  (Not the little brown one in the corner.)

But…..This one:

Yes, a great Dane!

So for the 4th time in less than a year — we’re moving!  I’ll bet you’re not surprised that we signed a 2 year contract! ha ha!  The best part is that it is completely within our budget ($125 less than budget!)  Housing is as expensive and difficult to find as it is in Leelanau County.  But if you rub shoulders with the people who live here, you can find something.  We just happen to be in a situation where we were  able to stay until we found something of our own.

Guess how we found out about this house?  When I went for my first day of teachers meetings the day before school started, a teacher came in and sat beside me.  She speaks perfect English thank goodness! Anyway, she asked me where I was living and when I told her she was surprised because where we are right now is about an hour drive to St. Clare’s and another hour’s drive back home.  She mentioned that her neighbor had a house for rent for $500 (which is extremely wonderful) and said she would put me in touch with him that evening.  So she did.  I called him; that house was already rented (yes, in one day!), but he had another for a bit higher rent he was just finishing the remodel on and we could see it immediately.  The next day we went and saw it, and then set it up to come and measure while he held the house for us.

So that next day I taught school and on Friday we went back and did our measuring and planning.  Then, we had Nance (where we live now) come with us to see what she thought and we all loved it.  So we took the deposit in Friday night and it’s ours!  Thank you all for your good energy and thoughts and prayers.

Tchau for now!

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