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Apr 19, 2013

More Mexico

I know, I know, you thought I’d be done with this blog as soon as we landed here in the States.  Well, sorry to disappoint you but I really like doing this.  I read a certain number of blogs that interest me.  Well, okay, other than proofing what I write myself, there are two blogs I follow.  I do it because they interest me.  I like the way the authors express themselves.  One is about travel, and the other is about health.  Mine is going to continue to be my take — spiritually, emotionally, relationally, personally — on the places I find myself.  So if I’m here or somewhere else, there is always something to see, and always something that can be seen in a new way.

But I didn’t exactly finish with Mexico.  As the time came close, and the Internet didn’t work so well, I missed blogging in the day-to- day way I had been doing it.  So our last few days when we were running all over San Miguel having fun, I didn’t get to post for you.  So at least for the next couple of blogs, I would like to continue to share some of the hundreds of photos we took — of the architecture, of the town, of the art — so you can enjoy them with us.

During the last few days we were in San Miguel, we decided to take a taxi into the city center and visit a few places we had wanted to visit earlier.  In fact, a couple of them were places we had seen online before we ever left.  Taxis are only about $2 anywhere you want to go, so because of the profuse cobblestones and the difficulty it is to get anywhere “fast”, we often took the taxi across town to see the next thing on our list.  We practiced our Spanish. . . they practiced their English and a great time was had by all!

We visited the Instituto Allende which is a fine arts institute where classes are held, and where there are monthly shows of crafts, paintings, sculptures and other forms of art.

We also wanted to visit the Bellas Artes which was supposed to be a very fine school of fine arts – music, theater and art.

We also visited the famous Biblioteca Publica which is the Public Library.  It has a massive library — the largest in South America, plus a store, a restaurant and lots of murals and art work from local artists – on the walls. . . literally.  We ate there a couple times and used the Wi-Fi to check email.  It was not a place conducive to “working” however.

Finally, we visited La Fabrica de la Aurora which is a former fabric factory that has been turned into many galleries and a wonderful cafe where we ate several times.  When you go to the you will find the new photos under their labels.  The very next blog after this one I’m going to post the adventure we had getting home from Mexico!  I decided to post it in this next blog so you could all see it!

Kris ordering – She waited on us every time we came in!

Cafe at the Fabrica de la Aurora

Me walking around through La Fabrica — an awesome place!

Walking around the Fabrica


  • I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I was on edge about as much as you it seemed!! And I could hear your cute little chuckle!!
    Thanks, on to read the rest:)

    • this comment was meant to be under the “where is home” (fyi)

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