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Dec 15, 2015

Interesting Takes on Life In Uruguay

Hey there all!  Long blog today — may need to divide it up!

Got some unique photos for you!  I would put them over on the photo site but they are just too fun to have you miss them!  By the way, almost all the photos I use in this blog are taken by Kris.  She is our in-house photographer!

Here is a photo that I promised you a few days ago — this is one of the exercise stations I mentioned.  They are really cool and all over the place.  So for all the people who live in or stay in the apartments all along the coast road this is very convenient.  People jog, then stop and do some exercises on the equipment, take a break for a minute and then take off running again.  Pretty slick.  A very novel idea.  They have this focus on being healthy and exercising and all and we think it’s great.

Exercise Station3

Exercise Station2

Now switch gears. . . . REALLY switch gears!

We went to a 2-choir presentation at the small local Catholic church in Pueblo Eden on Sunday evening.  It was certainly done with great enthusiasm and happiness!   They sang — they rocked back and forth — the men really boomed out the music and the guy who sang the solo had the most massive and clear voice that even I understood the words.  Their presentation also included a song in English which was fun – Somebody’s Knockin at Your Door.  Their English pronunciation was quite good and understandable.

It was also an hilarious time.  We sat at the back — it was a really HOT day — so we sat by a window and had a breeze blowing on us.  A couple came in and sat in front of us.  Their little Chihuahua mix dog came with them.  They totally ignored him as he walked up and down the aisles and sniffed peoples feet and went between their legs.  Most of us reached down and petted him and he just kept wandering.  Every once in a while he would come to his people and poke the man in the leg. The man would laugh and his wife would lean over and tell the dog to “go home right now” which, of course, the dog ignored.  It was quite comical.  The dog would occasionally do something to someone in the mans line of vision which would set him off giggling again with his wife.  But, of course, they did nothing.

In-between choirs, a man got up from his seat and came over to me and said (in spanish) “watch out, senhora, watch out!  It bites!”  I looked down and right where I had been putting my feet was a very beautiful beetle of some sort.  Well what do you expect with all the windows open and a big grassy yard right outside.  I was staring at it and the guy said again “it bites and really hurts!”  At which point he tried to kill it and missed.  Mind you the beetle was crawling along the kneeler so that would not have been, in my opinion, the best place to smash a bug.

Well the beetle had had it.  It jumped off the kneeler and went underneath it and hid right by the place where it hinges up.  Very hard place for humans to get to.  So then the couple who owned the dog got involved.  The man said “we have to kill it”, and the original man was bouncing all around trying to get it.  I tried to kick it out with my shoe but I had sandals on and I wasn’t sure just how much of a bite this very harmless looking beetle might do.

Finally the woman (of the little dog) took off her shoe and gave it to her husband and her husband poked around until the beetle ran out in the middle of the aisle and he squished it with his foot.  Goodness — and all this in-between choir performances.  Kris and I were totally cracking up besides being grossed out.  I graciously thanked them for keeping me safe, but inside I can tell you I was giggling!  They acted like they had a good time too.

We had a good time.  When we left the church, we noticed a hot dog truck.  It struck us funny — no one could miss this business card!  I think we were in a fun mood anyway.

Hot Dog Truck1

Hot Dog Truck2

Hey you all!  I’m here to tell you that there is so much stuff to see, enjoy, eat and have fun with that we are enjoying learning all the new stuff.

Most of you know we are not vegetarians.  I’ve also shared that we have access to a huge garden across the road from us at Judy and Bob Lemon’s house.  It is a lovely thing and we all work watering, weeding, and eating.  Kris took a couple of very nice photos for you:

Garden Area3

This is their orchard with several different types of fruit trees that will begin to really yield in another year or two. Some of them had a little bit of fruit this year, but they are still very young.

Garden Area4 Fruit Trees

Garden Area1

This fenced in area has already change a lot because we have been planting and things have been growing.  Corn is all around that far edge of the fence, and green and bush beans are along the left side fence.  It’s warm here most of the time and it generally rains.  This IS summer when even more than normal vegetable and leafy greens grow like crazy.  We always have salad, and we always have Swiss Chard, Kale, Beets and Beet Greens, Lettuces of all kinds, Carrots by the hundreds, onions and garlic, and I’m sure more to come.  You can grow year round so we will always have fresh food.

Garden Area2

However, this past Sunday we had our first delivery from local farmers Martin and Maqui (pronounced Mawkee). We all had a chance to order from their farm list — so here is what we could get:

Fresh homemade cheese – goat or cow;  organic free-range chickens; milk, butter, buttermilk;  eggs; yogurt; bread.

We ordered a chicken, bread, butter, 3 dozen eggs (that number may have been a bit much as the eggs are jumbo!)

The chicken was about a 12 pound chicken!  When I asked for a large one we never expected to get one the size of a small turkey!!!  Vegetarians don’t look at the next photo!

Big Chicken2

This is an organic free range chicken weighing in at about 10 -12 pounds and it cost $11.  We ended up buying 2 and freezing 1 and 1/2 of them.  Compare that to the price of a similar sized chicken in the states.  It’s a good deal.

There you have a little bit of a view on our life here.

I never tell you the bad parts.  Would you like to know them? Some of you have asked so here goes:

The worst part of living here, absolutely truthfully, is missing our kids, brothers and sisters, and our friends back home.  Life here is good.  The only bad part is a loneliness because we are here and everyone else is somewhere else!  I suppose as we make friends and become part of something where we are regularly invited to participate and join in, we will feel somewhat better.  But that hasn’t happened quite yet.  Thank goodness some of our new expat friends occasionally invite us to join them in doing something.  They were all well-established friends with each other before we came and have a wonderful networking relationship.

We’re at that transition point where we finally feel comfortable here, but we know very few people and very few places to go by ourselves, and virtually no way to find out what’s going on.  We have no TV nor do we get any newspapers.  So often we are just here at home.   We take drives through the beautiful country and we drive through neighborhoods to see what they look like and to get a feel for where we might like to live someday.  Personally, I can’t see living in the city because I love it so much here in the country.

However, out here where we live property is at premium prices — and I mean very premium prices.  We’ll see what develops.  I can’t think of any other negative-ish things — paperwork is as slow getting done here as it is in the states.  People complain about the slowness of things here, but frankly, I don’t see any difference whatsoever between the speed here and the speed in the states.  Bureaucracy is bureaucracy no matter where you live and it all takes time.  Wait!  That’s not exactly true — the formal paperwork seems to take less time here.  By the way, the USA is one of the most difficult places on earth to get residency!  Uruguayans not only make it easy, they talk and enjoy the process with you if you are working with the right persons, which we are.

Okay — that’s enough.  I’m sure you had to read this in at least two sittings.  Sorry, I just felt like sharing a lot today!  I would love to hear your comments!

P.S. The beaches are filling up finally!

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  • This was really interesting. I loved the dog story (as you know I would!) It totally cracked me up — as well as the beetle! Oh my god; squish!!

    Loved the look of that garden. Great pics, Kris.

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