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Apr 12, 2013

Interesting Stone Textures

One of the interesting things about this world is that texture is unending.  Texture is everywhere, and a little observation makes it even more fascinating.  These are textures of the cobblestone roads and sidewalks, of the steps and walls that are built everywhere in Mexico.  But I find the whole world of texture highly fascinating and will be adding other kinds of textures from everywhere I travel, for my amusement and amazement, and for your enjoyment!

What’s so funny about these photos is that I would stop in the middle of the sidewalk or the street, walk up to a restaurant wall or a fence around a property and simply take a photo.  People just smiled — all these stone configurations are so common, I doubt they even notice them anymore.  But that’s what makes them noteworthy.  Someone had the skill and was paid to put every single stone in place.  None of them got there without someone putting them there.  So I honor the work of their hands, for these walls and these cobblestone sidewalks, fences and streets are not made by machines but by the skilled hands of a dear human being.  THAT makes them noteworthy!

This is one of the examples you will find on the slideshow website:IMG_0950

The website also provides captions that tell you what kind of construction the photo shows – road, sidewalk, patio, wall, floor or stairs.  Click on the cobblestones to go to the photo website.

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