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Mar 29, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

As you know, we are staying at a farm — Simple Choice Farm.  So I’d like to give you an idea of how it’s working.  The idea is to be a sustainable community.  There are 6 dwelling places on the property, and several very large “plots” where planting is already taking place.  In fact, some things that were planted only last week, are now sprouting up very beautifully.  That’s what a little rain and a lot of sun will do for a garden!  Funny thing.

In this photo, I’m standing directly in front of the house where we’re staying.  Kris took the picture facing out to the West.  So behind me (also to the West) are the four major divisions of the garden.  The pumps have been put in so that when the pool is finished, if water is needed anywhere on the property and there isn’t enough rain to water, it can be pumped from the pool cistern.  It is a very slick operation about which I don’t know a whole lot more!  (smile)  I only know that it’s a very smart idea for being able to always water your plants.

I didn’t get a picture this a.m. because I forgot to.  But I will show you soon how the melons and the tomatoes and all are already doing.  It feels funny to see plants growing so well and it’s still March!  Only in the greenhouse at home would we see things begin to sprout out.

Exciting things are about to happen.  Kris and I decided to bite the financial bullet and stay in town for three nights so we could get a feel for the city center.  We’ll be staying about 8 blocks from that big pink church in last blog’s post.  We will be near an organic store and restaurant.  It’s about 1/8th the size of Oryana, but it truly has some good stuff.  And we’ll be investigating some other things while we’re there too – like the public library, the Easter parade on Sunday and other cool stuff.  So here’s me at dusk in front of the garden plots.  (p.s. the hot tub is nearly complete).

In The Garden

And YES it’s definitely cool enough for a jacket after the sun goes down!  Great for sleeping too.  We really, really like this place.  Just in case you were wondering.


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  • Looks very cool! You guys look like you are having fun!

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