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Mar 20, 2013

How Did You Wake Up Today?

Do you ever wake up feeling like a prickly pear?  No matter what anyone says — you can’t be nice no matter what!  Your words may sting like these little spiky things  . . . .

Prickly Pear SMA


Did you wake up more like the light that shines on everyone and illuminates their day??

One Sky View SMA

I’ll tell you this, if you need examples from nature to make a story about life and attitude — you can sure find them here in San Miguel de Allende!  Everyday there is some new thing to open your eyes and make you stop and think.  Of course, you know I like that kind of thing anyway, but as I looked at one more beautiful sky photo, I was impressed with the difference between the light of the heavens shining down to illuminate everything — right out of dark and even menacing clouds, and the prickly pear cactus that really hurts anything that comes close enough to touch it  — voice of experience speaking — what is it like I asked??? Silly me!  As usual, even if things aren’t going quite as we plan in a day, we have the choice to make them different!


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