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May 21, 2013

Effects of Recent News

Here I am, at it again!  I know I’ve been away from this blog for a few days — actually way too many for my liking.  This entry is for thought.  I’m writing this while attempting to process the devastation in Oklahoma and other locations down south.  It’s tough.  But then, it seems that it’s hard to turn on the TV or the radio, or read the paper and NOT see something that’s hard to process!

I was looking for something entirely not on this subject today and came across a talk I gave at Unity of Traverse City in May, 2010.  In it I gave a rundown on recent news to begin the talk.  The headlines those days were about the mine explosion, the Supreme Court Decision on Political Contributions, the oil rig explosion and oil spilling into the Gulf, and the little girl that was smothered in Ludington, Michigan.

You have to admit, it’s been one long stream of reports just like that for years now.  It can wear a person right down to nothing.  So how do we take these times and turn them into something meaningful, something more positive?  Can we actually experience personal growth?

Man Scratching Head

I’m going to refer again to the talk I gave that day because I need to write these things out for my own sanity as well as hoping it will help yours!  Kris made the statement that optimism isn’t a feeling — it’s an attitude — a choice we make.  Where do we allow our minds to sit down and take up residence?  On every tasty little morsel of trauma going on in the world?  On every rape and murder and abuse perpetrated by one or more humans on another?  What feeds us?

I have grown garlic for years.  You plant it in the winter and it comes up beautifully in the spring.  Only this past fall I didn’t plant any garlic.  After I harvested it what I’d grown, I simply did not plant another crop.  But I must have missed a few in the harvesting, because I was out looking at the garden and there are a bunch of garlic plants growing all by themselves.  They sit there all winter ALONE for months, and then, something in them triggers them to wake up and grow.

They have no choice — it’s how they work.  Unlike the garlic, we have a choice.  We can look at  the daily news reports as a trigger to wake up and grow.  We can use our God-given ability to discern – discernment meaning the ability to know and choose that which is best for us.  It’s made even harder because we are generally a lazy species!  We don’t like to practice anything for very long, especially if it’s hard.  But the consequences these days of not taking control of your mind and of not choosing a better line of thought for yourself can be more than a little devastating.  It has become essential, not optional, to take control of our minds.

It has been said (don’t you love that), that it takes 21 days to form a habit.  For me, I find it takes a bit longer — like maybe 60 days!  But nevertheless, it IS possible to practice choosing what we allow our minds to focus on until it becomes a habit to turn off the trauma, to take action to resolve the things in our part of the world we are able to help resolve, and to live a more peaceful life.

There is a cool scripture in the Bible that says:  “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things!”

The choice is ours every day, every hour, in every circumstance.Direction


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