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  • Hi Linda!

    I found you at last! Boy, do I miss you. I ran into some serious health problems in 2013 and wasn’t able to come Up North except for a bit until 2015…and you were gone! Anita Jordon said you were living in Thailand, but it looks like you’re not.

    Hope you receive this note. You sound so happy and I’m glad for you. I miss seeing you and talking with you.

    Take care, my friend,

    • Hello Carole,
      I’m sorry it took so long to get back to you. I just received notification that you had written. Well, I’m pretty busy and don’t check this site as often as I should! I’m teaching full-time at an International school called International College. It is a school for ages 3 – 17 (goes through the equivalent of sophomore year of high school, and then next year we are adding the junior year and the following year the senior year. Here they are called Senior 1 (7th grade), Senior 2 (8th grade), Senior 3(9th grade), and Senior 4 (10th grade). Then the next year which is really the junior year is called International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We are on the British system.
      Anyway, that should let you know what I’m doing. —– at least a little. We love Uruguay and find it a wonderful place to live.
      Take care of yourself!

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