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Apr 25, 2016

Fall Is Upon Us!

I know it has been a very long time since I wrote in this blog.  Perhaps if there is anyone left out there reading (ha), you would be interested to know what’s been going on.

First let me say that I have struggled a lot with the adjustments here.  I don’t feel compelled to lay out all my challenges on an international blog mind you!  But the fact is that I’ve had a hard time.  I think it may be because we downsized to smaller house in Leelanau County.  Then we sold that house and moved to Uruguay where we stayed in an apartment belonging to our dear friends Joe and Nancy.  Now we have moved again — all in the space of about 2 1/2 years.

I found out personally that moving around like that in such a short space of time is disorienting and very challenging.  But as we settle in to our new home — which is somewhere on this blog, we find that we are beginning to feel more balanced in many ways.  It’s quite nice actually.

We’ve learned some more things about Uruguay in this past month since we moved here!

  1. The people are simply great!  I had a flat tire and received help from a sweet friend who just “happened” to be working as a gardener nearby.  Then a business who was supposed to be able to fix the tire for me, was already closed and recommended I go to another shop not too far away.  I did, and they not only changed the tire (I had to buy a new one because the pothole I hit actually tore the rubber away from the rim), but also has become my car “go to” place.  When the guys saw me coming this last time (we hit another big pothole and damaged the muffler which had to be replaced), they treated me very nicely and were helpful.  It feels good in a new place to find people you can trust to help you.
  2. The weather is as unpredictable here as anywhere else on earth!  We went for 2 weeks with rain everyday.  In fact, last weekend the rain was so bad there was major flooding in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.  Bridges were washed out; highways were ruined; a tornado struck in western Uruguay damaging tons of homes and businesses and then the rain flooded them and washed away lots of what had been knocked down.  Luckily there was only 1 known death as we all had plenty of warning that something really rough was in the outlook.  Our driveway washed out up at the top and is now very carefully used!
  3. Landlords are not responsible to take care of things that happen to the property you rent from them.  So as time goes by, you either fix it yourself or you live with it.  I thought of this because the driveway is the responsibility of all of us living here.  It is still raining off and on and the winds are still pretty brisk, so I don’t think fixing it is going to be an option right now.  I’m MUCH more careful and do not assume that the water is just water.  I now assume it’s a pothole in disguise.  You only have to spend a few hundred dollars to make you more careful than ever!  No matter where you live, a pothole is still dangerous when it’s as deep as something like this:


Here is the very hilarious part about this picture.  It looks EXACTLY like the potholes out here on our road…….I mean EXACTLY!  When I saw it, I thought someone must have posted it from right here in Punta del Este.  But no, it’s from Toronto!  What a riot.  So it leads me to believe that a pothole is a pothole is a pothole, no matter where you live.  Rain and snow and hail and lots of traffic just seem to break down asphalt and create dangerous situations.  Actually the pothole at the top of this picture is like the one I hit that literally cut the tire on the rim of the wheel.  And you can see why.

 We console ourselves because every single time we drive to pick up some groceries or to gas the car, we get to drive by the ocean.  The Atlantic Ocean! Can you imagine what a privilege and joy that is?

The sunsets at this beach are not bad either!

Solanas Sunset











That’s all for today!  The wind is howling and it’s only 50 degrees tonight so we’ll be sleeping with the down comforter (I bought a nice and sturdy transformer/converter here in Uruguay, so I’ll be sleeping with a bed warmer I brought from the states!)  Ahhhh how nice.

Oh — an FYI — have you seen the website  It’s quite awesome.  We bought the whole set.  I think you can see it free at this link.  It’s about the many alternative ways to prevent and cure (yes you read that right) cure cancer.  Some of the advice has a 95% cure rate including pancreatic, lung, ovarian, and testicular cancers to name a few.  It’s really worth the $47.  I don’t make anything off of you buying it.  As a holistic practitioner, I just happen to believe in it quite thoroughly.  I can watch it here in Uruguay because it’s a digital product.  Ahhhh wonderful!  The testimonials will knock your socks off.

Tchau Tchau

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