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Jan 17, 2016

Uruguay Expat Relocation Expert


As most of you who read this blog know, we are now residents of Uruguay.  In four months we received our temporary residency.  It’s called temporary because they have to send the paperwork to other offices for review and for the final card to be issued.  This usually takes a year or two to happen due to the large number of people moving here — not just from the United States, but from Europe, Canada, Argentina and other places, and the fact that all documents are carefully reviewed.

Someone For You to Meet

As most of you also know, we have not had one single glitch as we have gone through the process.  I would like to introduce you to the person who made it all possible:  Ana Ines Perez of Expat Uy.  Expat Uy is her company through which she helps expats.

Ana-Ines Web Photo

From her website I cut and pasted this information on her background:

Ana Inés, who runs EXPAT UY, is married and mother of a child. She has a degree in Marketing and an International MBA, both from prestigious Universities in Montevideo (UDE) and Buenos Aires (UADE). Since childhood she has been closely related to expatriates and through her professional activity has shared many of her personal experiences with them.

In the past, Ana Inés worked for international and local prestigious companies in industries of mass consumption, advertising agencies, and education until she moved to Argentina, accompanying her husband in his new post there.

With her move to Argentina came first-hand experience of expatriate living.

In 2009, back in Uruguay, based on several years of successful personal experience giving advice to friends coming to Uruguay, she set up her own company (EXPAT UY) and is offering a professional relocation service to newcomers.

Why Is Ana Ines Significant?

We actually “met” her because people were singing her praises on a Uruguay forum we were reading at the time.  We decided to contact her because the results she gets are so good.

Why?  Because she doesn’t leave anything up in the air.  Having been an expat herself, she knows how confusing it can be to go through any process involving official business.  She knows exactly what documents you have to have and if you follow her instructions to the letter, you have no trouble.  She asked us way ahead of time to gather certain kinds of information and to have certain parts apostilled in the states.   You have to get original documents or copies of those documents from your state of residence long before you leave for Uruguay.  You must do your part for the whole thing to work.  

So if you can follow directions — she has ALL her act together.  She is organized, keeps appointments, thinks ahead and takes care of eventualities before they have a chance to develop, meets you at the airport or the bus station or wherever you need to meet.  She charges by the hour so there is no big upfront fee – and her price is affordable.  She is not an attorney because you don’t need an attorney for the relocation process.  She has a team of people who work with her that handle every aspect of the paperwork here.  Including our shipment came through with no hitch either.  We used her aduano (customs) despachante for that part and it went smooooothly.

Her English is excellent and her knowledge is superb.  But……

Beyond all this official information about her training, experience and degrees, one of the coolest things about this awesome woman is that she really, really enjoys what she’s doing and you can feel it.  Other than a couple more pieces of our puzzle being taken care of, our time for having to use her services is almost over.  We already miss her. We feel like she has become a friend.  She lives in Montevideo about 2 hours from our house.

If we had thousands of people visiting this blog, this would be great PR for her.  But whether thousands come or not, we wanted those of you who ARE reading to know that if you EVER want to come to Uruguay and establish residence for any reason, Ana Ines is your best choice.

All we can say is Thank You Ana Ines for making this adventure so wonderful and such a pleasure!


Jan 16, 2016

Bird Update! Bird Update!

Yesterday afternoon our mountain turkeys came to our window — AGAIN, and would not stop talking.  He (or she) just kept yacking away and would not leave.  I tried to scare them away with a shout.  They ran about 30 feet away and then the one came back and jumped up on a cement block just outside the window where we sit at the table and work, still cackling and yacking.  This was not the same kind of loud crrraakkkkkk that he usually makes but a softer sound like really trying to communicate.  So…we put up a curtain.  He jumped down on the ground and kept poking his head up to look under the curtain and yacking away.  I’m sorry but not being a bird made it hard to figure out the conversation.

This morning Kris got up before I did and I was sleeping.  She never does this so I was surprised when she actually woke me up and said “You just have to come and see this!”  So I staggered out of bed and went to the kitchen door — there across the lawn were to two mountain turkeys that have been our little friends and with them – please refer to the photo below — (it, like the lizard photos, was also very hard to get.  But worth it.) — were 4 more!

Mountain Turkey Family of 6

Now they are a family of 6!

Mountain Turkey Family of 6 B

Yep — you may have guessed it.  I think they must have thought it was time to announce that 4 new little ones were going to be traipsing around the yard.  So all morning they have been eating their seeds.  I know it’s a little hard to see but this is the best photo I could get — and it’s with a zoom which probably affected the quality.  I don’t really know what they were trying to tell us, but I’ll just betcha it had something to do with the first excursion that happened today.  They may bug us.  They may be loud.  They have scratched our car looking at their reflection in our shiny car.  They are kind of naughty sometimes.  But they are beautiful and we continue to enjoy them

Anyway, it’s so nice to be able to share the rest of the inhabitants of our home — the outdoor ones.

One of the nicest things about living here is that there is no lack of wildlife.  And they don’t seem to be seriously afraid of humans.  The birds don’t anyway.  The lizards are very shy and we’ve decided it’s best to let them be that way as we don’t really want them in the house.  They all are helping us cope with not having a dog.  Pretty neat huh?!!

Tchau, Tchau

Jan 13, 2016

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, before we ever arrived, someone or, I should say, two someones had already taken up residence here:

Lizard #1

Monitor Lizard #1 Close Web

And Lizard #2 (minus half of his tail??)

Monitor Lizard #2 No Tail

As it happens, we like lizards.  Also, as it happens, someone told us they LOVE eggs.  I’ve been attempting to get a photo of these two for a long time now.  And I just spent the last hour tempting and waiting, with camera in hand.  For a while I sat in a lawn chair and waited.  That didn’t work.  So I decided to attempt taking the photos through the kitchen window screen.  I discovered that if I leaned the camera right up close to the screen and put a little bit of zoom on, the pix came out clear enough to recognize the guilty parties!

The Tempation:

I laid my plans carefully and earlier this morning we found two eggs that were dirty on the outside that we just got in our purchase of farm eggs.  Yes — I could have washed them and used them, but heck, lizards don’t care if they are dirty or clean right?

Lizard Delicacy One For Each Web

These are actually on a little bit of a hill running my direction so that I didn’t have to do anything more than just stick the camera around the corner of the house to take the photo — but alas, I was never fast enough and they would see me and dive back into their home — which is an abandoned drain pipe about 3-4 inches in diameter.  I don’t see how the fat one gets in there, but believe me they do. I missed getting the photo of them together because they were so darn fast — right in the hole.

Okay — so back to the temptation.  I waited and, actually, as ridiculous at it may seem, I think I’ve waited about an hour checking to see when a head would pop out of the drain pipe and I could get my most valuable photos.  It happened.  I had stepped away to do something in the kitchen and when I looked out the window, there was Lizard #1 laying in the sun pointed directly at the delicious, delectable raw egg. . . . sitting there in plain view just waiting.

Lizard #1 Up Close and Personal

Then in the time it would take me to get the camera up there to the window, she had it in her mouth and had turned — whoa — don’t EVER try to outrun a lizard because it simply ain’t gonna happen!  And there she goes…..

Monitor Lizard #1 With Prize Closeup Web

Just to be fair, you need to know she didn’t try to take both of them!


Monitor Lizard #1 With the Prize Web Not Piggy

Now, I just knew that Lizard #2 was going to come running right behind, but he just stayed there sunning himself and becoming very wary.  I suppose losing your tail would make you be that way!  In this pic he’s turning because he heard me at the kitchen window.

Monitor Lizard #2 Very Wary

After I’d given him plenty of time (too much time as it turned out), I went back to the kitchen window to see if I could get a good photo of him approaching the egg and taking it away as she had done.  Well blow me down — it was already gone!  Sneaky and fast …….

and very cute.

So there you have it!  You might want to look around next time when you move into a new place and see who else thinks it’s home — you might just be pleasantly surprised!

Tchau for now.


I suppose I don’t need to share the stories of the other residents — we kill them pretty fast. (smile)

Jan 1, 2016

Something for the New Year

Several years ago, I wrote a short article for my blog.  I found it today and it gave me something to think about for the new year.  I want to share it with you.  I know, I know — two blogs in one day — what’s the world coming to?  Enjoy

The Discipline of Choice

What occupies your mind is what controls you.  It is what you tend to draw to yourself.  This works in every area of life affecting your levels of health, exercise, business, relationships and spirituality.

It takes discipline to change this – it takes a choice.  It requires a constant, consistent, systematic removal of thoughts you don’t want to be thinking and replacing them with those you do.

This may sound like it takes effort.  It does.  But since no one thinks my thoughts for me, that means I have to put forth the effort for personal change!

There is only one way to accomplish the discipline of choosing to change your thought life.  You have to systematically plant new thoughts that grow up in place of the thoughts you have been thinking till now.  Instill new patterns.  Change the vicious cycles and momentum in the opposite direction.

First thing in the morning, have an ‘hour of power’ for yourself  – or perhaps only 30 minutes – perhaps just 15.  During this time, visualize the ideal day.  How will it be accomplished?

Most of us move from sleep, to the sound of an alarm – have you ever wondered why it’s called an “alarm” clock?  We jump from sleeping peacefully to being catapulted “alarmingly” into our day.

If discipline ourselves to choose to start the day differently at that moment, we have already made a tremendous difference in how that day will go.  Here are some simple steps to begin to develop a new pattern:

Step 1    Gently shut off the alarm, then lay quietly back on your pillow and take a couple cleansing breaths.

Step 2    Go to a quiet place in your house.  If you have pets, make every effort to go quietly so they don’t think it’s time to get up and begin their day – thereby effectively disrupting yours.

Step 3    In an upright, yet comfortable position, close your eyes and visualize the activities you hope to accomplish today.  See the most effective, peaceful way those things could come to pass.  Allow yourself to imagine             feelings of joy, accomplishment, and other positive emotions about how your day could go.

Step 4    Make a statement to yourself that sets your thoughts on the path of your day going differently. . . something like “Today I encounter each activity and person with joy and peace from the center of my being, knowing that I am one with Spirit and that the powerful energy of that Spirit is always present to empower my actions for my highest good today.”

Step 5    Move into the activities of your day conscious of new decisive, purposeful living.  Throughout the day continuously reset the tone of your day as needed.

If you cannot conceive of a different kind of life, rest assured, will never see one!  It takes the discipline of choice.  If you do not make conscious choices, you will find people and circumstances will continue to make those choices for you, leading to further frustration and discouragement.

If you are serious, it will take discipline to follow at least a few steps, being persistent with the vision you have of yourself, choosing alternate thoughts, avoiding the repetition of old patterns.  But it is up to you – you must choose to be in control of what you want and what you will choose to believe about the possibilities in your life.

As you go through your day, continually re-establish your footing.  Don’t become disgruntled.  If you forget, simply re-establish purpose of discipline of choice for that day and continue forward motion.  Come back to that center of knowing that you have all that is necessary to make appropriate life choices.  You have all that is necessary to think differently and to live the life you desire.  After a time you will be surprised to discover that choosing is less a “discipline” and more a lifestyle!

This is the way to think as we start this wonderful New Year we’ve all been given!

Jan 1, 2016

New Year – New Opportunities!

Hey there all!  Happy New Year!

Here comes 2016 ready or not.  There are so many very interesting things happening that I’ve barely had time to catch my breath.

First and very fun — we are now legal residents, and then the job I mentioned has become a reality.  I’ll be working at El Claro 1 1/2 days a week doing my Ayuvedic massage. (See it at  But I already have another invitation to work at a Country Club Spa.

We are learning Spanish.  We’re having so much fun and some things are beginning to actually make sense.  Catalina, our teacher, makes it fun.  Kris and I had a couple hours of lessons at her house on Thursday morning,(New Year’s Eve), and she called the guy who is the Spa Director for the Club where she lives.  He wants me to email him with my information.  We’ll see.  I don’t want to get too involved in too many things because I haven’t done any massage for 3 months.  I’ve got to work into it!

I also have applied to teach English conversation to English Second Language people in Brazil — they’re learning English — I’m learning Spanish — believe me I know how they feel! ha ha

Kris and I went to the beach and had a great time.  It’s about 15 miles from the house, but it’s a straight shot right down the highway.

The day before it had rained 3 1/2 inches in 24 hours so the beach was mostly “dark sand”, but it sure didn’t seem to hinder people from spending the day there.  Afterward we went to a little cafe and had a great meal.  Sometimes these little places fool you because it may look like they don’t have much to offer because they are so small.  This one makes all their own bread for their sandwiches and we just happened to order one that came on fresh warm bread.  Wow!  We will definitely eat there again.

We plan to have many more trips like this as the summer goes along.  How fun to be where we are doing what we love!  We’re excited to live this new year — one day at a time remember!

Solanas Beach1

Solanas Beach2

I guarantee you this is the biggest personal watercraft I’ve ever seen.  It is a Yamaha and three people were riding on it AND they pulled up one of the kids behind on skiis.  Wow!  The flew around the bay with no problem, shooting water into the air.  It was fun to watch.  Actually there were two or three others out there.  Just as we were leaving, people were about to launch their catamarans and take off.  Such a neat place. Not crowded in the morning at all.  We only stayed from about 9 a.m. till 11 a.m. and then went to the cafe.

Solanas Beach3

Yep that’s me — trying to keep from getting sunburned and loving it!  So beautiful here.

Tchau Tchau

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