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Sep 29, 2015

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Where Did the Time Go?

It seems we were only thinking a short time ago how cool it would be to visit Uruguay and see if it could become like home to us — and then here we are actually leaving to do that very thing on October 13.  What an adventure it has been just to get to this point.

Buddhists say that living with the not-knowing is a wonderful way to practice your spirituality — other teachings talk about not being attached — others that all things work together for good — it doesn’t make it particularly easy though.

All I know is that downsizing at this point — after doing what we THOUGHT was downsizing 2 years ago when we moved from Erdt Rd. to Omena Rd. — is a lot harder.  We could only ship so much due to costs.  Then as you put each item in the box you have to ask yourself if it is actually THAT important.  Then you find that cost has nothing to do with it — it holds emotional meaning far beyond monetary value.

The energy that I’ve had to expend to sort through letters, papers, books, photos, toys, keepsakes, clothing, course materials….. has been utterly exhausting.  What I have found is that the monetary cost of things is not where the value lies.  And any other value is not necessarily the thing that hangs me up — it’s the attachment I have to it — can I let it go as part of the practice of making room for new things without dragging around 19 suitcases to accommodate my obsession of hanging on?

I have observed that the more I do this, actually, the easier it becomes.  As I got more and more tired, and as I saw the futility of dragging all my “stuff” to Uruguay, it dawned on me that the most precious memories and “things” – the photos, the letters — are in my heart and mind and I take them in my heart not in luggage.  (No overweight at the airport!)

Lots of tears have been shed — some as I realized I could not take everything and was giving tons of stuff away free that I had worked hard to make the money to buy. And lots of laughter has been laughed as I experienced many, many other people being blessed because they were needing the very thing I was giving them.  This happened so many times that we quit being surprised.

So the sadness of having to part with so much has been constantly lighted by the joy that has come in seeing our things bless others, and seeing the load come off my back.  And you know what?  I am just crazy enough to believe that good things will continue to come my way — because they always have.  And the rest I will continue to carry in my mind and heart!

Always learning. Always growing. Always trusting.


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