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Jul 16, 2015

Now We’re Beginning to Get the Picture!

Four months is a long time to wait to post on this blog, but a lot has happened!  For one thing, we are now seeing why it’s so hard to keep on downsizing — when you do a big one the first time, you get rid of everything you really weren’t using or at not much, so the pain is less.  But when you do it again so soon — it hasn’t even been 2 years since we moved here — you find that now you are having to ask the question:  do I need or want this in Uruguay?

It’s really an important question for us because if we like it, we’ll most likely get our own place and stay there!  So — what do we ship, keep, give, sell???

Why is that question difficult?  Because you never really think about what you will do with family heirloom photos, or that little present your mother gave you that’s really a silly nothing but reminds you of her.  Or what do you do with things your family has given you for birthdays or special occasions that are not just silly nothings but won’t make the cut for shipping.

Sometimes we have to consider that the adventure is going to be worth the starting over.  I guess that about says it.  We will find homes for the things that matter to us.  We will take what we can afford to take.  We will donate what can be donated and finally……..aaaarrrrggggg – we’ll have garage sales to see if someone thinks they need what we’ve got.  Our first one went well except for bodily injuries from lifting too much while moving everything into place.

The house is waiting for our arrival in Uruguay now.  We’d love to see our cute house sell, and we’d love to be on our way but when we look at what we have left to do, I’m not sure we could actually get it done in 30 days for the new owners to take possession.  Yowzer!

I’m sure we’ll make it.  One step at a time. I’ll be in touch sooner next time.


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