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Apr 8, 2015

Life Keeps Flowing Along

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to re-start in the downsizing process. I think about how much we got rid of, sold or gave away when we moved from the Erdt Rd. house to our current house not even 2 years ago, and then realize that we have to do the same thing all over again! It’s daunting! For one thing, Uruguay is a modern country – people there supply their kitchens, they have furniture, clothing and cars. They eat at least three meals a day and are rather healthy and simply live like regular civilized people. So you have to weigh how much it would cost to ship your stuff there as opposed to saving the money and buying replacements for necessities in our new country.

As we look at all of our remaining “stuff” we ask – “is this something that will serve us well in Uruguay?” If not, then we’re not going to take it with us there. We realize now that we still have WAY too much stuff in our house to easily unburden ourselves from it.

That’s not totally unlike our lives – sometimes the “baggage” we carry from forever, keeps us from moving “unburdened” into new possibilities and opportunities. And the possibilities and opportunities this time are incredibly wonderful.

Sometimes people ask us how we can DO such a thing as be excited about moving to a foreign country. Many seem to want to do a similar kind of thing but just can’t get going. First you have to remember that our friends have a house there and so we know where we will be going right up front. Then you also have to remember that Kris lived in Brazil for 15 years and I lived there for 13. So being in a foreign country and enjoying it is not so far-fetched to us!

But living unburdened by “stuff” is really, really hard because we let ourselves believe that we couldn’t get along without it. I think that’s what we told ourselves when we just had to have it at the time of purchase! Ha! It feels like the flow gets a bit stopped up with the extraneous that we think we need, but then often sits stored away waiting for the time when it will get used.

So the sorting has begun. We took little notebooks and put one in each room of the house to write what we think we want to take with us. So far the only thing on any of the lists is maple syrup on the kitchen list! I’m sure there is a lot more to go. Then the list has to be translated into Spanish.

We’re thinking of purchasing large 55-gallon shipping drums and only taking things that will fit in them. But art doesn’t pack up in the “round” very well! Ha! Lots of decisions. But then the excitement over this new adventure we’re on takes over and we have renewed energy. We spend a lot of time in overwhelm and then have a nice long run high on expectation! Life keeps flowing along and we want to be able to keep up.


Happy beginning of Spring!

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