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Mar 25, 2015

Uruguay Blog Beginnings

It’s here!  I’m finally going to begin blogging again!  I forewarned many of you — and now you are in for a wonderful ride — some exciting and some thoughtful — some (very little) discouraging and some uplifting!
I want you to know that as I blog along, I’m going to include photos again just as I did when we took our trip to San Miguel de Allende.  Some of the photos I post will be on this page inside the post and some will be found only at
I hope you will enjoy the journey which is beginning anew today – Tuesday night – March 24, 2015 and will continue on.  If you want to know more about Uruguay which is the next journey we plan to take, I invite you to enjoy a couple of great videos about the very area where we are going.  One is on YouTube and the other is from a website devoted to a particular place in Uruguay called Punta del Este — a lovely spot to say the least!
I’m also going to post photos of the place where we are going to stay so you have a good idea — it’s beautiful and has some parts that look very much like Leelanau County and our rolling hills.  This is going to be fun.

Here is a great link!  Title is Simplemente Uruguay.  This will definitely give you a taste of Uruguay.  No, we haven’t been there yet.  No, we haven’t even gotten packed — we haven’t sold our home or purchased our tickets.  But this is to explain the journey and many different aspects of it.

Here is where I decided to begin because it’s where we are.   Next blog is going to be “What Were We Thinking?”  Which should give you a window into why we are taking this trip in the first place.  Until then – live well and enjoy life today will you!

Check out some photos now if you like…… Here

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