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Jan 25, 2014

Moving Right Along

Due to life happening at a pace where I find it hard to keep up, I seem to have been neglecting this dear old blog!

After the house was purchased and as we were moving into it, we also decided to add a garden studio for Kris to teach piano and for an art studio.  It was an exciting and highly convoluted time.  At the same time as we were excited about being in our new place and having the new studio, we also experienced some of the most difficult events in the doing of it all.

But I digress.  Let’s see a few photos of the installation of the studio.  You see, we ordered the “shell” of the building from the Amish community about 45 miles from here.  They built what you see in these next few photos:

Close up of PadThis is the pad that on which it sits.

Arrival 2

This is the big delivery day!

Beginning the DeliveryBeginning the Delivery After Getting It Off the Truck (That’s a machine called a mule at this end)

The Runup to TroubleI call this the run-up to trouble because when we made it, we didn’t realize that the delivery truck would not be able to just back up to the ramp and deposit the shed.  So….. instead we had to use the little Kubota tractor and the mule only!  And two very intelligent and creative men who knew how to get the most out of them went to work on the problem.

The building went up with great difficulty, then had to be moved again because it wasn’t exactly on the pad.  Then it just wouldn’t go clear up.

OOPS!I promise you it was a nail-biting experience.  It took some ingenuity to put it in place.

Try Again Make Sure It's Lined Up RightThey tried again — straightened it out and then — voila!

That's BetterPush – Pull – Helping Each Other

DeliveryEric pushed with the tractor while the delivery guy pulled with the mule.  It was exciting.  Included was a flat tire that happened under the building but couldn’t be changed for obvious reasons.  Finally, however, it was perfectly in place.

PerfectRThis is what it looked like towards the end of summer and this is what it looks like now:

IMG_2001RTonight we are expecting another 6 – 12 inches plus, with drifts from 3 feet and up.  We’re tucking in for the duration!  Glad to have all these things in place by now.

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